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FAST Program

Family Assessment Stabilization Team (FAST)
Division of Youth Services 24-hour phone number: 385-468-4500

Purpose: Provide supportive family-based services to keep children in their homes during times of mental health crisis including suicidal attempt and suicidal ideation, by using existing services through the Division of Youth Services.

Voluntary 30-day Medicaid acute care step-down and diversion program is centered around individual needs of youth and family. Specially focusing on family therapy at least once per week and individual therapy for identified client twice per week. Home visits determined clinically every week to apply learned skills and assess barriers to stabilization and successful reunification.

Partnership: The FAST project is conducted in partnership between Salt Lake County Division of Youth Services (DYS), OPTUM and Hopeful Beginnings.

Plan: In collaboration with OPTUM, DYS will provide crisis family interventions to stabilize situations in which a child/youth might otherwise be considered for admission to an acute inpatient psychiatric facility. The intervention services include as appropriate;
-Individual and family counseling
-Limited “time out” hours at Youth Services
-Overnight stay for age appropriate youth
-Short-term crisis bed with family therapy
-In-Home services
-Family Resource Facilitator services

-DYS retains the right to determine appropriateness of service
-Youth served will be determined as Salt Lake County Medicaid enrollees, and will have all services claimed to Medicaid as provided.
-All medications must be brought with the children/youth to DYS
-Parent/guardian must agree to place the child at DYS and sign appropriate forms
-Children/Youth Ages 6-17
-Not a lock-down
-No medical staff
-12 beds
-Completely voluntary 30 days

Outcomes: The primary outcome objective is to safely reunify children/youth to their parents/guardians after a mental health or behavioral crisis and the substantial reduction in the number of children/youth placed in acute inpatient psychiatric placements. A second focus is the reduction in recidivism to an acute inpatient setting for children and youth.