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Housing - Milestone Transitional Living Program

Ending the cycle of homelessness and dependency by helping young adults become self-sufficient

Youth Services Milestone Transitional Living Program (TLP) assists in ending the cycle of homelessness and dependency by helping young adults become self-sufficient through access to safe housing, stable employment and connections to ongoing support and resources.

Milestone TLP serves young adults ages 18 to 21 who are experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County. There are two locations – the Milestone TLP house in West Valley City houses five young adults and the three homes in Sandy which house fourteen young adults. The properties are being leased from the Salt Lake County Housing Authority and the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. 

The program offers referral services for housing assistance, life skill workshops, relationship workshops, job training skills and connections to higher education.

Participants of Milestone will have a job or be attending school. Salt Lake County Youth Services will provide a community of support. 

Milestone program is a substance free environment. Alcohol, tobacco, smoking (including e-cigarettes) are not allowed on the premises. Illegal drugs are prohibited. All participants in the Milestone Transitional Living Program are subject to random drug testing.

Participants are expected to meet monthly goals outlined in Milestone Agreements.

To be successful participants need to:

  • Complete “Milestones” by participating in activities and accomplishing goals
  • Participate in Milestone activities and stay in contact with their mentor
  • Demonstrate that they can pay program fees (program fees start at $100 a month for the first three months, (program fees for single apartment in the Women’s house begins at $100 per month) fees will continue to increase by $50 every three months.
  • Follow the non-negotiable terms (no drugs or alcohol, no violence, no weapons or explosives, no pets, no overnight guests, no criminal activity, no violating the policies and agreements).
  • Follow the Respect Code and honor it. There will be consequences for not treating each other with respect, resolving disputes, and taking care of the day-to-day business of living with roommates.
  • Be responsible for their personal care, money management, safety, and cooperation with each other and your community supporters.
  • Become independent: get the skills, positive friendships, and income they will need to live on their own.

Funds paid for program fees will be saved for participant’s time of transition from the program. Any funds left in this savings plan will be paid to help with their moving on to independence. Participants will have the opportunity to earn funds early in the form of incentive awards by reaching the Milestones such as obtaining employment, enrolling in college, etc.

Download and submit the Milestone Referral Application to apply.

If you have questions you can submit an E-mail using the form below
or call a Milestone Staff member.

• Mina Koplin - 385-468-4541

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