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Guiding Good Choices

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Calendar of classes

Guiding Good Choices is for parents of children in grades 4-8 (generally ages 9-14) who want to strengthen family bonds and reduce the risk factors associated with teenage drug use.  Parents will learn to manage family conflict in a way that maintains and strengthens bonds with their children.

Salt Lake County Youth Services offers Guiding Good Choices at different school and community locations throughout the county. Please contact German Ochoa at 385-468-4544 for a current schedule of times and locations. 

As a prevention program, Guiding Good Choices is an appropriate intervention for any family of a student who has not yet initiated substance use. I often talk to parents about the differences between parenting a toddler and parenting a teenager and that this 5 week workshop can help. It’s pretty remarkable that 5 meetings can have a significant impact on reducing substance use and other anti-social behaviors. The benefits of the program have been demonstrated to last for 10 years with significant reductions in drug use.

Overview of the workshops:

Week 1: Getting Started: How to Prevent Drug Use in Your Family
Parents learn about the nature and extent of the drug problem among teenagers and decide for themselves how they want to prevent problems in their own families.

Week 2: Setting Guidelines: How to Develop Healthy Beliefs and Clear Standards
Parents develop clear family guidelines and expectations for behavior.

Week 3: Avoiding Trouble: How to Say No to Drugs
Children and parents are invited to this session. They learn skills children can use for staying out of trouble and keeping their friends, while still having fun.

Week 4: Managing Conflict: How to Control and Express Your Anger Constructively
Parents learn to manage family conflict in a way that maintains and strengthens bonds with their children.

Week 5: Involving Everyone: How to Strengthen Family Bonds
Parents learn ways to strengthen family bonds and increase children’s involvement in their family in their teens years. Parents also learn how to create a parent support network. 

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Contact: German Ochoa text: 385-210-4450


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