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Youth Advisory Board

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The Youth Services Youth Advisory Board is a youth driven council. The mission of the Youth Advisory Board is to advocate for clients, to give them a voice and aid them in progressing through emerging adulthood with the sense of leadership with focus on advocating for the youth voice. The Youth Advisory Board provides feedback to services on policies and rules for the Division of Youth Services from a youth/client perspective.

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Board is to have youth advocates from the community to bring youth perspectives and expertise to the Division of Youth Services to promote continuous quality improvement.
The Youth Advisory Board is composed of 5-7 members.  You can meet the current Youth Council members and learn more the current council. Each member is approved by sitting members and must be between the ages of 16-24 years of age. Members shall broadly represent the Division of Youth Services and reflect the diverse geography, economy, culture, gender, philosophy, and community of the Division. The Youth Council will provide an application to the requesting/recommended individual. Members are required to make a 1 (one) year commitment. Each member can serve 3-4 terms of commitment, 1 year in each position.
View the Youth Advisory Board Manual and application here.
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