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$2.3M Economic Boost for Salt Lake County Arts & Cultural Nonprofits

Posted By Salt Lake County ZAP
August 27, 2019

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2019 ZAP Tier II Funding Approved!

Over $2.3 million in grant funding will be distributed this year by the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks program (ZAP) to arts and cultural nonprofits. Salt Lake County Council approved the funding on 27 August 2019 based on the recommendations of the ZAP Tier II Citizen Advisory Board. The ZAP program is a voter-approved fund devoted to supporting arts, culture, and recreation for County residents. Tier II category funds will be distributed to 193 local nonprofits, more than any previous year.

Tier II-funded organizations include community symphonies, museums, dance companies, visual arts programs, theatres, cultural festivals, botanical gardens, and more. Funded activities take place within the Salt Lake County, and recipient organizations span every County district. This year the program saw a 10% increase in submitted applications, 24 of which were new to ZAP.

The Tier II Advisory Board vets each organization through a rigorous application process. In order to be considered, nonprofits must demonstrate how ZAP funds will enhance their capacity to provide arts and cultural experiences to residents and visitors in the County. Last year, Tier II-funded organizations provided over 20,000 Salt Lake County community events and offered 1.7 million free admissions to participants.

Each ZAP Tier II Advisory Board member spent over 30 hours meeting to determine the 2019 funding recommendations, in addition to their personal review of the 205 submitted applications. Scoring prioritizes organizations that add vibrancy to arts and culture in the County, strongly benefit the general public, and demonstrate sound organizational management.

“As a community board, we know how precious the ZAP funds are and we take great care in reviewing each and every program that desires to access these funds.” said Tier II board chair Ryan Benson. “It is my belief that, through this initiative, we are truly enhancing our community in a profound and unique way.” 

About Salt Lake County ZAP

Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks Program facilitates community-supported arts, culture, and recreation grants. The ZAP Program Initiative has been voted on and renewed by Salt Lake County residents since 1996. One cent of evert $10 spent in the County partially funds over 200 County arts and cultural organizations, as well as over 30 parks and recreational facilities.