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ZAP Kids Summer Passport Week 10

August 03, 2017

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Explore Your World- Tracy Aviary

The summer's not over yet!  ZAP Kids Summer Passport opportunities run through August 20.  Make sure to earn 5 stamps at different destinations to attend the Final Destination Celebration, August 30 at Clark Planetarium.  

To be eligible to attend:

  1.  Collect at least 5 stamps from different destinations by August 20
  2.  Explorers must bring their completed Passport to any  Salt Lake County Library location 
  3.  Get information from your librarian on how to reserve your spot!   

In addition to free movies and laser shows, we will be raffling off some BIG prizes from some of your favorite ZAP-supported organizations including: 

Hale Center Theatre  
Living Planet Aquarium
Red Butte Garden 
Utah's Hogle Zoo
Utah Presents 

Destinations are free unless otherwise noted.  

Explore ZAP- Holladay Arts Blue Moon Festival

Sounds of Summer Concert*
Friday, August 4 | 6:30 PM

Midvale City Park 
Enjoy free summer concerts on Friday evenings in the park this summer with Midvale Arts Council.  Activities provided by the Boys & Girls Club, Copperview Community Center and the local library. This week enjoy tunes from: acoustic rock musician, Ben Brinton and 80's pop/new wave/rock band Channel Z.   *Final concert of the season

Blue Moon Arts Festival
Saturday, August 5 | 2 - 10 PM

Holladay City Hall Park
Holladay Arts Council will have free admission to the Blue Moon Arts Festival along with a free children’s craft, music, food and art vendors. 4580 So. 2300 E. August 5 2 to 10:00 PM.   

Make Your Own Pinata
Saturday, August 5 | 2 PM

Calvin S. Smith Library
Create your own mini piñata and learn about its origins with Artes de México en Utah!  Supplies will be provided in this bilingual (Spanish/English) visual arts workshops.  

Honk Junior presented by Empress Youth Theatre
Select dates through August 12 | 2 PM or 7:30 PM

Empress Theatre
Exprience family-oriented theatre fun at Magna's historic Empress Theatre.   Honk Junior is a heartwarming celebration of being different that is sure to delight audiences of all ages with its sparkling wit, unique charm and memorable score. Present the ZAP Kids Summer Passport at the box office, and the passport holder will get in free with the purchase of an adult ticket ($12). 

Explore ZAP- Conservation Garden Park

Destinations you can visit all summer long

Earn stamps at any of these locations throughout the summer. 

Explore the Conservation Gardens

Stroll through the gardens, walk through a water pipe, learn to make compost or identify plants at the Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan. Explore the Garden any day of the summer and get a stamp in your passport! Garden hours are from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday.

Memory Grove Park Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt courtesy Preservation Utah and discover the art and architecture of Memory Grove Park! Get your passport stamp and scavenger hunt guide at the Memorial House (375 North Canyon Road in Downtown Salt Lake City), Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM).  

Save $2 off the price of admission with your ZAP Passport at these destinations

  • Discovery Gateway Children's Museum
    Visit Discovery Gateway and explore educational workshops, programs and exhibits that inspire the whole family to discover the power of play together.   
  • The Leonardo
    The Leonardo is a museum of creativity! Inside, you can discover the wonder of FLIGHT in their newest exhibit, delve into the mind-bending wonder of our exhibit on PERCEPTION, unleash your inner artist, scientist or engineer in one of our three hands-on laboratories, and even be moved by the exhibits in our Human Rights Gallery. Whatever you're interested in, The Leonardo will spark creativity and help you discover a whole new way to see the world.  
  • Tracy Aviary
    Tracy Aviary has more than 135 species and 400 individual birds on display. Guests are encouraged to wander its 8 acres and appreciate the different colors, sizes and sounds of our feathered friends.

Instagrammers at Memory Grove, Alta Wasatch Wildflower Festival, Eccles Theatre

Having fun on your adventures?  Tag your photos with #exploreZAP for a chance to have your photo shared on ZAP's Instagram @slcoZAP!   

Learn more about the ZAP Kids Summer Passport

Explore the World of Vikings at the Natural History Museum of Utah

July 21, 2017

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Planning an adventure to the Natural History Museum of Utah this summer? Get ready for a surprising and fascinating adventure!

Now through January 1, 2018, unravel fact from fiction at our newest special exhibition, Vikings: Beyond the Legend. 

Travel back in time to 750 – 1100 CE to investigate what scientists have uncovered about the Norse culture and the period now known as the Viking age. Discover the true meaning of the term “Viking.” Gather your own archaeological team to help you digitally excavate a traditional Norse ship. Hear stories about life as a Viking trader from Thorgrim the Dane, or master the secrets of rune reading from Volva Rundis Elidottir. Examine rare artifacts never before seen outside of Scandinavia. 

nhmu resident vikings

NHMU's resident Vikings

Challenging Stereotypes

Would it surprise you to know that some of the most popular Viking characterizations are little more than myth? Legends and some historical accounts depict these early Norsemen as blood-thirsty raiders, but modern archaeological evidence has begun to challenge many of these long-held beliefs.

Norse men and women, living in what is now Norway, Sweden and Denmark, were highly skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen. They transformed many raw materials such as wood, bone, leather, stone, iron, steel and precious metals, into the tools and treasures of everyday.

Young archaeologists excavating a Viking Age boat

Young archaeologists excavating a Viking Age boat 

Vikings in Utah

Today, about 14.9% of Utah’s 3,000,000 residents are of Scandinavian descent. Many continue to celebrate and honor their ancestral connections by carrying on the skills and cultural traditions of the ancient Norse crafts. 

Aaron Richardson is one Utah artisan who creates, teaches and demonstrates the art of blacksmithing, using Viking-age methods, from his shop in Eden, Utah. Richardson is a historic interpreter, who draws inspiration for his creations from traditional Norse objects found during archaeological excavations. His story, and examples of his work are currently on display outside the third-floor elevators of the museum.

display about common Viking funeral practices

Display about common Viking funeral practices

More Viking Activities and Events

All summer long, and into the Fall, the museum is celebrating all things Viking, with special opportunities and events to discover more about ancient Norse culture and its people. 

  • Don’t miss Explore Your Viking Roots - Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 4pm to 8pm. Nordic research specialists will be on hand to help visitors explore their own family history. At 5:30pm, Geoff Morris, Nordic Specialist for FamilySearch, will share details from his research into Scandinavian history and genealogical records as well as provide insights into some of the rare objects on display in the Vikings exhibit. Find out more at:
  • For a full day of Viking adventure, mark your calendar to attend Norse Fest, Saturday, September 23, 2017 – 10am to 5pm. Experience a variety of Norse arts, with performances and demonstrations by dancers, blacksmiths and weavers. Research your Viking roots, hear from Norse experts and historians, even sample Norse foods. Learn more at:

sky gallery visitors enjoying the views

Sky Gallery visitors enjoying the views

About the Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah is a premier scientific research and cultural institution. It opened to the public in 1969 and moved into a spectacular, award winning new home in 2011. The Museum’s 30 scientists oversee active field research programs throughout Utah, and elsewhere, and help care for natural history collections of more 1.6 million objects. NHMU offers innovative exhibitions and educational programs to thousands of residents and visitors each year, including timely and interactive temporary and permanent exhibits, numerous special events and other programs. The Museum reaches 450,000 people annually, at the Rio Tinto Center and in communities and classrooms statewide. 

-Kris Chapman

Kris Chapman, Public Relations Assistant at the Natural History Museum of Utah, has been writing and highlighting exciting museum happenings for just over two years. With a bachelor’s in communications, she has also worked as a photo assistant, a textbook editor and a freelance writer for magazines and corporate blogs. With a passion for all things creative, she dreams of one day writing from a tropical island, where her toes are free to wiggle in the sand.

Ticket Tuesday with the JCC

July 18, 2017

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Ticket Tuesday- SLC JCC
A winner has been chosen for this VIP giveaway to THE FABULOUS FLYNNSTONES concert courtesy the IJ and Jeanne Wagner Jewish Community Center.

Beyond your Demographic: Cross Over Films

July 05, 2017

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I grew up in a rural town of Salt Lake County known as Riverton, Utah. It’s not a small town anymore, the urban sprawl has eaten up most of the open fields, but when I lived there cows were my backyard neighbors.  Most of my culture came from the movies, television, and the occasional community play.  I didn’t know any gay people growing up; at least none that were openly gay to me.  My exposure to the gay community came in the form of 90’s television stereotypes, the quirky best friend that never gets the girl but never seems to mind, or the tough gal who fixes things and wears a leather jacket. I vividly remember after high school two young men from a restaurant I worked at took me to my first Salt Lake City PRIDE event. This is probably as a good time as ever, to come out and admit I’m straight. From that day forward I have been so impressed with the warmth of this community, they accepted me for me, didn’t try to change or recruit me, and have never looked down on me for my narrow-minded sexual identity. The more I hung out with these friends, saw their struggles and celebrated their triumphs, the more our differences faded away and they ceased being my gay friends, and me the straight girl, and we were just friends. 

Nine years ago I began working for the Utah Film Center and one of my first major events was the Damn These Heels film festival, the only LGBTQ film festival in Salt Lake City.  The festival celebrates its 14th anniversary this year and is an opportunity to honor our differences and relate to one another through the commonalities.  Over the past nine years I have worked with numerous directors, producers, and actors as they tell the stories that they don’t see in mainstream media. If these films were shown at the multiplex, we wouldn’t need an LGBT film festival. But for reason’s I don’t care to dignify with a discussion, these films -- many award-winning films from international film festivals -- don’t see the widespread distribution that they justly deserve. Films like Pushing Dead, which will be shown Sunday July 16th at 12:15 pm. This film has received one the highest honors a festival can bestow on a film, the Audience Choice award, not once but four times, along with two Jury awards, and a Best Director award! Pushing Dead tells the harsh truth about what happens when you’re thrown off your Medicaid because the government thinks you make too much money. This topic hits home for many Americans but when you add that the character is HIV positive, we call it an LGBTQ film.  (While the film might sound like a downer, truth can be funnier than fiction so don’t pull out your tissues just yet. )

dth film festival

In the film industry we call them “cross over” films -- films that appeal to wide audiences regardless of your sexual preferences and gender.   As with the mainstream media we can’t pretend to know what films will resonate with each person or “demographic.” I’d hate to be contained in the white, heterosexual, woman in her 40s box.  I want to see films that make me laugh, cry, or challenge the way I view the world.

In order to program for such a wide array of interests, Utah Film Center curates a community programming team to view hundreds of films and whittle the choices down to 35-50 films at which time our programming staff selects the best 20 or so films. This year’s line up is rich with talent, subject matter, international representation, narratives and documentaries.  Chavela is one of the a documentaries at the festival, it screens Saturday July 15th at 10 am. The film traces the legendary Mexican singer Chavela Vargas whose beauty and charm gave her success worldwide but she couldn’t outrun her demons and only found happiness when she began to live her truth by coming out at 81 years young. 

dth film festival 2

As parents, I know all we want is for our kids to be safe, healthy, and happy. This struggle is even harder when your kids are faced with discrimination and bullying and not just on the playground but by adults who should know better. In Raising Zoey, Ofelia Barba fights for her daughter to have a safe future where Zoey is free to  pursue her happiness.

Raising Zoey screens Saturday, July 15th at 2:30 pm.

dth film festival 3

Whether straight, L.G.B.T. or Q these films don’t separate us, or categorize us, they are meant to bring us all together under the umbrella of humanity. No matter where you reside, or what demographic box you fill out, I hope you’ll join the Utah Film Center July 14-16th at the Rose Wagner Performing Art Center for the Damn These Heels film festival and then lets just all be friends. 

-Mariah Mann Mellus

Mariah Mann Mellus is currently the Development Director for the Utah Film Center, but has previously held the title of Marketing Coordinator, Outreach and Membership Coordinator, and Education and Community Program Manager. When not at Utah Film Center Events she supports the community by way of the Utah Cultural Alliance, and multiple community boards.  She and her husband Derek have two beautiful children whom they hope to raise to tell their own stories and to listen, serve, and support the community wherever needed.

Ticket Tuesday to SLC Jazz Festival

July 05, 2017

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Ticket Tuesday- SLC Jazz Festival

Winners have been chosen for this Ticket Tuesday contest courtesy Jazz Arts of the MountainWest.  Stay tuned for future giveaways.

Ticket Tuesday with Utah Film Center

June 20, 2017

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Damn These Heels Film Festival 2017

Winners have been chosen for this Ticket Tuesday from the Utah Film Center. Stay tuned for future giveaways!

It Changed Everything: A ZAP Success Story

June 07, 2017

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My name is Pilar Davis. I work in the Performing Arts and I wouldn’t be here without ZAP.

I grew up in Ogden. In the bad years. We were poor, hitting the stereotypical markers you’ve heard: public assistance, food assistance, single-parent household, brown, subsidized housing, sketchy neighborhood—you get the idea. My childhood was difficult; living in poverty is hard and full of sorrow, crushed dreams, and disappointments. When I was in the 2nd grade, my school offered the reward of a trip to Salt Lake (in the middle of the day!) to the Capitol Theatre to see a matinee performance by Repertory Dance Theatre. I was a good student and got to attend.

beaux arts design

Beaux Arts Ball, 2014

#mindblown – It was the first show I’d ever attended. It changed everything. I was hooked. I remember the show was about science and germs—taught and conveyed through dance. I had never seen ANYTHING like it, felt anything like being in the theater in the dark with 1500 other kids, and I wanted MORE.

As I got older, I was so fortunate to have several more opportunities to attend final dress rehearsals or daytime school matinees from a wide variety of Salt Lake arts companies: Ririe-Woodbury, Utah Opera, Odyssey Dance, Ballet West, Pioneer Theatre, Utah Symphony. I saw the despair and sacrifice of Madama Butterfly’s final moments. I watched the devotion and heartbreak of Quasimodo’s love for Esmeralda. I learned about space and freedom through the movement of Doug Varone and Bill T. Jones. I learned about ancient rituals, stories and civilizations that we as the human race have been sharing with each other for millennia. I became a more well-rounded citizen, and I became a storyteller, too.

college show

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Weber State University, 1999

In high school, I threw myself into theater and dreamed of gracing stages all across the world as a performer, personality and storyteller. Upon graduation, I was awarded a scholarship to Weber State University and became one of the only people in my family to go to college. My first semester, I enrolled in a required basic stagecraft class and on the first day of class I found my place in the world. My professor handed out gel sample books and fireworks exploded in my head. I had never seen so many colors in one place all neat, and beautiful and full of possibilities. It a was a simultaneously quiet and provocative moment that happened in an instant—I would be a lighting designer.

rdt at rushmore

RDT on tour at Mount Rushmore, 2016

I immediately changed majors. I transferred to the University of Utah and moved to Salt Lake City to be closer to the downtown arts scene and the greater opportunities therein. I worked a lot, and I worked hard. I met and worked with some amazing artists, professionals, and organizations. I graduated. I got married. In 2016, in a lovely poetic and full-circle turn of events, I got hired as the Production Stage Manager and Lighting Director for Repertory Dance Theatre, a position I continue to hold. I succeeded.


Lighting Director of Ailey II in his awesome hoodie, 2017

In the past 15 years, I’ve had the truly spectacular opportunities to work with national and global performance groups; I’ve created new work, new art, told new stories. I’ve laughed, cried, loved, lost—all inside the walls of the theater. I’ve lit plays, dramas, comedies, dance, musicals and opera. I’ve seen and been a part of things that are more beautiful, moving, and connecting than I could’ve imagined. 

silent sky lighting

Silent Sky, Pygmalion Productions, 2017

The performances I saw and the backstage tours I was occasionally treated to would never have come to me without ZAP; what it provides to students across the state is invaluable. I meet students everyday who look like me. They come from where I came from and worse. They deserve a chance to see and learn and be moved by the amazing work being done by arts groups all across Utah. We owe it to them and to ourselves to keep doing the right thing: teaching each other and telling our stories to each other. It makes us all better and gives so many people the greatest gift of all: hope and the space to dream.

-Pilar Davis

Currently the Production Stage Manager and Lighting Director for Repertory Dance Theatre, Pilar graduated from the University of Utah in 2003 and has worked the last 20 years across the Wasatch Front in virtually every venue and arts organization. Journeyman Member IATSE-Local 99

ZAP Kids Summer Passport Week 2(1)

June 06, 2017

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Explore Your World


Ready to get started on the ZAP Kids Summer Passport?  There is a lot of great stuff happening this week (June 6 through June 11).  Visit any of these destinations to earn stamps in your passport.  

Make your own masterpiece

Tuesday, June 6 | 4:30 PM
Bad Dog Arts at  Millcreek Library 

Thursday, June 8 | 3 PM
Bad Dog Arts at  Holladay Library

Join  Bad Dog Arts for art activities inspired by beloved children's books.  FREE

Thursday, June 8 | 3 PM
Visual Art Institute at  Herriman Library

Learn to create funny monsters in the Line Monster Game with  Visual Art Institute ! Using only pencils and sharpies, kids will create their own unique and colorful monsters all while playing an immersive game.  FREE

Bad Dog Arts - Rainbowfish


Take in a show


June 8,9 or 12 | 5 PM  


A Midsummer Night's Dream at Hale Center Theatre

Hale Centre Theatre  is offering the first 250 passport holders to call a buy one, get one free admission to one of their three Teen Production performances of A Midsummer Night's Dream on June 8, 9 or 12 at 5 PM. Participants can call HCT at  801-948-9000 to make a reservation. Then, you can show your passport at will call to receive a Hale Centre Theatre sticker in your passport.

June 9-10 | 7:30 PM


Pirates of the Carabeener at Off Broadway Theatre 

The Off Broadway Theatre  offers original family-friendly comedies and musical parodies for parents and kids alike. Catch the "Pirates of the Carabeener" this weekend before it closes! Present the ZAP Kids Summer Passport, and each member of the family will receive a $2 discount off the regular (Adult, Student/Senior, or Child) price.   

Celebrate the Year of the Rooster

Saturday, June 10 | 10 AM - 7 PM
Utah Asian Festival

Visit the 40th annual  Utah Asian Festival , where you can discover 15 Asian countries. We're celebrating Year of the Rooster with make-and-take crafts, games performances and more.
South Towne Expo Center, 9575 State Street. FREE

Utah Asian Festival  



Destinations you can visit all summer long

Earn stamps at any of these locations throughout the summer.  


Conservation Garden Park  is open to the public free of charge. Come walk through a water pipe, learn to make compost or identify plants. Explore the Garden any day of the summer and get a stamp in your passport! Garden hours are from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday.


Visit  Discovery Gateway Children's Museum  and explore educational workshops, programs and exhibits that inspire the whole family to discover the power of play together. Present your passport for $2 off the price of admission.


The Empress Theatre  supports local talent to provide family-oriented fun for Magna and its surrounding areas. This summer's shows are Peter and the Starcatcher and Honk Junior. If you present the ZAP Kids Summer Passport to the box office, you will get in free with the purchase of an adult ticket ($12). 


The Leonardo is a museum of creativity! Inside, you can discover the wonder of FLIGHT in their newest exhibit, delve into the mind-bending wonder of our exhibit on PERCEPTION, unleash your inner artist, scientist or engineer in one of our three hands-on laboratories, and even be moved by the exhibits in our Human Rights Gallery. Whatever you're interested in, The Leonardo will spark creativity and help you discover a whole new way to see the world. Present your passport for $2 off the price of admission.


Midvale Arts Council  is presenting free summer concerts on Friday evenings with activities provided by the Boys & Girls Club, Copperview Community Center and the local library. June 9, 16, 23, 30; July 7, 14, 21, 28 and Aug. 4. Each concert starts at 6:30 p.m. at  Midvale City Park.


Mundi Project  offers free weekly group piano lessons for beginners of all ages. Drop in for hands-on music instruction at  Salt Lake Public Library-Glendale, every Saturday beginning June 10 from 11 AM to 12 PM.   

Off Broadway Theatre




The Off Broadway Theatre  offers original family-friendly comedies and musical parodies for parents and kids alike. This summer's shows are Pirates of the Carabeener, The Marx Brothers in A Night at the Imperial, and Utahoma! Present the ZAP Kids Summer Passport, and each member of the family will receive a $2 discount off the regular (Adult, Student/Senior, or Child) price.  


Preservation Utah  will provide children with a scavenger hunt of the art and architecture of Memory Grove Park. Passport stamp and scavenger hunt can be picked up at the Memorial House (375 North Canyon Road, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM).


Salty Cricket Composers Collective offers El Sistema Summer Camps that empower young people to become effective citizens. Mention your passport when you call or email to reserve your spot at the camp to get 15% off one week's tuition. Bring your passport on the first day of camp for a stamp.  


Tracy Aviary  has more than 135 species and 400 individual birds on display. Guests are encouraged to wander its 8 acres and appreciate the different colors, sizes and sounds of our feathered friends. Present your passport at the gate for a $2 discount on the price of admission.  

Explore Instagram


Share your passport adventures using #exploreZAP for a chance to have your photo shared on ZAP's Instagram.  

Interested in receiving a weekly update of events to your inbox?  

Sign up for weekly updates 




May 23, 2017

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For the last 86 years, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art has been showcasing complex and highly impactful contemporary art in Utah. But UMOCA is so much more than the contemporary artwork displayed within our walls. We are educators, artists, and innovators. 

Our goal is to inspire artistic experimentation, community enrichment and a connection to the world through engaging experiences. Our team is comprised of dedicated, passionate—and, albeit, entertaining—individuals who are mighty in our small number. Together, we help create the magic of the Museum, including designing and providing our free community art education programs that are necessary for the growth and longevity of Utah’s beautifully diverse arts culture. 

ririe woodbury dance company

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company performs in UMOCA's Main Gallery (2015).

Why Contemporary Art?

Contemporary art is a mirror of right now: our ever-changing ideas, cultures, and societies. It allows viewers to connect with others through art by providing a platform to share their stories. We can learn from one another through the narratives and ideas presented in contemporary art. And as people, places, and technology evolve, so too will contemporary art be redefined in the future. Put simply: contemporary art is each of us—our languages, our relationships, our politics, our hopes.


The opening reception of Idealogue (2016).

UMOCA aims to provide galleries and programs that create open and inclusive dialogues that help people learn how to share their ideas and express their opinions in constructive, challenging, and creative ways. The beauty of contemporary art is that it allows us to examine and relate to aspect’s of today’s world that are greater than and outside of ourselves. And UMOCA believes this is necessary for creating global citizens who are engaged in worldwide issues. It is this belief, and our passion for contemporary art, that have guided us in creating award-winning educational programs that offer opportunities for community members to explore the role of art in their lives and the life of their community. 

A Passion for Community Outreach

There is no “right” age at which you should begin or complete your art education. UMOCA’s educational programs range from family art-making projects to LGBTQ+ youth workshops to Art Fitness training for adults. Art education exists in many different forms, but the benefits of all of our community art programs are similar: they inspire the imagination, stimulate thought and transform society. 

museum goers

Museum-goers at UMOCA.

In particular, one of UMOCA’s outreach programs is the Art Truck. The Art Truck carries contemporary art from leading local and national artists all across the state, visiting individuals at schools and public venues who would otherwise have missed the opportunity to access UMOCA’s exhibitions or art education programs. 

art truck

UMOCA’s Education Facilitator Madeline Savarese leads the Art Truck discussion and workshop.

The students we visit are bright and eager to explore art. The current Art Truck exhibition is whereABOUTS by Jaime Salvador Castillo and Michael Anthony García. whereABOUTS is an immersive and interactive installation that investigates location, identity, and community. Students received a guided tour of the Art Truck with a discussion led by a trained art educator, before diving into their own art creations. Connecting students from different communities, this exhibit allows them to learn about experiences that are different from their own, while also encouraging them to think critically about their identity and place in the world. Students explore their own communities through creative map-making of their neighborhoods and share them with the rest of the class. On August 12, a second, cumulative whereABOUTS exhibition will open at the Museum, featuring an installation of collected student artwork assembled by the acclaimed artists.

outreach in art truck

A student drawing during an Art Truck visit.

UMOCA’s programs create connections: connections to art, to other people, to other places. They also build connections through to new concepts and ideas. We hope that through our community programs, we create spaces that allow individuals to build positive social connections and share their experiences with others. 

Supporting Local Artists

Our gallery spaces have held artworks by hundreds of acclaimed national and international artists, but what UMOCA focuses on is strengthening and supporting local artists. We offer residencies, exhibition opportunities, and workshops to meet the needs of artists living and working in Utah. 

family art saturday

A photo from Family Art Saturday: Glorious Goo (2016). 

Utah has a rich contemporary arts culture, with new and experimental artists emerging from nearby and local art programs, as well as established artists who have been working in Utah for many years. Creative Utahns distribute zines, post images of their work to social media, and run brick-and-mortar artist studios, organize creative activist interventions, and more. These artists create important dialogues across the state by sharing their visions through contemporary media. UMOCA offers opportunities for local artists to not only display their work in our gallery spaces but also build their local and national network of art lovers and art professionals by hosting panel discussions, receptions, and workshops.

UMOCA supports artists whose roots are grounded in Utah, so that we can continue to build the creative vibrancy of our state. 

Supporting Utah Communities

UMOCA is proud to support local artists and communities, but we couldn’t do it without the support of our sponsors and donors, especially Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks. Strengthening the arts in our society is key to supporting the healthy growth of our communities.

out loud group photo

Group photo from UMOCA’s 2017 Out Loud Opening Reception of Identities, Symbolism, and the Self. 

Contemporary art will always exist, and will continue to flourish and grow with time. New artists will write and rewrite its definition endlessly, passing their notes, thoughts and mediums onto generations to come. Nothing could be more exciting to UMOCA than the opportunity to be a part of creative community building through contemporary art-making long into the future. UMOCA represents the spirit of innovation, experimentation, and dialogue surrounding the issues of our time.  

-Alex Vermillion

Alex Vermillion is the Communications Coordinator at UMOCA, soon to attend the Yale School of Drama in the fall. In zir free time, Alex writes theatre reviews and interviews awesome locals for SLUG Magazine. On weekends, you can catch Alex performing with zir group of queer artists, or hiking around Utah’s beautiful landscape. 

About the Kids Summer Passport

May 23, 2017

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explore your world with the zap kids summer passport

What is the ZAP Kids Summer Passport?

The passport will challenge you to visit new places. We know you like to explore. And we know exploring the world around you can help you build a better world. That's why we hope you'll join our journey to explore some of the best places in our own backyards. So, grab a passport -- and a friend -- and discover the superb destinations around you. 

How does it work?

  1. Pick up a passport at your local Salt Lake County Library (while supplies last).*
  2. Visit the destinations listed in the passport between June 2 and August 20. Ask the destination to "stamp" your passport. 
  3. Get "stamps" from five different destinations.
  4. Bring your passport back to the library to reserve your spot at the Final Destination Celebration at Clark Planetarium. It will be out of this world. 

*While you're at the Library, take the Summer Reading Challenge for even more chances to win! 

Do I need a passport for each child?

No. One passport works for the entire family. However, if each child wants their own passport, they are welcome to have their own. Just tell your librarian that you want one passport per child.

Who can participate?

The ZAP Kids Summer Passport is open to youth ages 17 and under. 

How do I document my journey?

While you're getting "stamps" in your passport, you can document your journey online. Take pictures of your trip, so you can remember the new places you visited. If you post your picture online, use #exploreZAP for a chance to have your journey highlighted on ZAP's Instagram.

Can I keep my passport?

Yes. When you take your passport to the library, the librarians will check that you have five stamps and will give you the instructions for how to RSVP to the Final Destination Celebration. You can keep your passport as a souvenir. 


What is the Final Destination Celebration?

If you visit five different destinations, take your passport back to your County library. You'll get instructions on how to reserve your spot for the Final Destination Celebration at Clark Planetarium on August 30 from 3 PM to 7 PM. If you attend the celebration, you'll be entered to win amazing journeys to even more cool places:

Winners will be chosen at random and must attend the Final Destination Celebration in order to win. 

Do I need to pay to get in to the Final Destination Celebration?

No. Children and parents are invited to attend for free. In fact, Clark Planetarium is free to attend at any time. Movies and light shows are usually an extra cost that will be free for our final destination celebration. 

What if I visited a Destination this summer before I had a passport?

Feel free to have your parent sign that you attended. We run on the honor system, and we're glad you visited a Destination! 


Learn more about the Kids Summer Passport.