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About the Kids Summer Passport

Posted By Salt Lake County ZAP
May 23, 2017

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explore your world with the zap kids summer passport

What is the ZAP Kids Summer Passport?

The passport will challenge you to visit new places. We know you like to explore. And we know exploring the world around you can help you build a better world. That's why we hope you'll join our journey to explore some of the best places in our own backyards. So, grab a passport -- and a friend -- and discover the superb destinations around you. 

How does it work?

  1. Pick up a passport at your local Salt Lake County Library (while supplies last).*
  2. Visit the destinations listed in the passport between June 2 and August 20. Ask the destination to "stamp" your passport. 
  3. Get "stamps" from five different destinations.
  4. Bring your passport back to the library to reserve your spot at the Final Destination Celebration at Clark Planetarium. It will be out of this world. 

*While you're at the Library, take the Summer Reading Challenge for even more chances to win! 

Do I need a passport for each child?

No. One passport works for the entire family. However, if each child wants their own passport, they are welcome to have their own. Just tell your librarian that you want one passport per child.

Who can participate?

The ZAP Kids Summer Passport is open to youth ages 17 and under. 

How do I document my journey?

While you're getting "stamps" in your passport, you can document your journey online. Take pictures of your trip, so you can remember the new places you visited. If you post your picture online, use #exploreZAP for a chance to have your journey highlighted on ZAP's Instagram.

Can I keep my passport?

Yes. When you take your passport to the library, the librarians will check that you have five stamps and will give you the instructions for how to RSVP to the Final Destination Celebration. You can keep your passport as a souvenir. 


What is the Final Destination Celebration?

If you visit five different destinations, take your passport back to your County library. You'll get instructions on how to reserve your spot for the Final Destination Celebration at Clark Planetarium on August 30 from 3 PM to 7 PM. If you attend the celebration, you'll be entered to win amazing journeys to even more cool places:

Winners will be chosen at random and must attend the Final Destination Celebration in order to win. 

Do I need to pay to get in to the Final Destination Celebration?

No. Children and parents are invited to attend for free. In fact, Clark Planetarium is free to attend at any time. Movies and light shows are usually an extra cost that will be free for our final destination celebration. 

What if I visited a Destination this summer before I had a passport?

Feel free to have your parent sign that you attended. We run on the honor system, and we're glad you visited a Destination! 


Learn more about the Kids Summer Passport.