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summer forever

Posted By Salt Lake County ZAP
October 20, 2015

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summer forever in holladay

Here in Utah, most of us appreciate the end of summer as much as we dread it.

It’s so nice to get a reprieve from the heat and get a cool night’s rest. At the same time, as the temperature changes, we feel fall in the air and are reminded of the fact that winter comes too soon. The shorter days and those cools evenings out on the deck will soon be just a great memory.

I sometimes think I ought to move someplace that is warmer all year. Would I miss the change of seasons that much? Do I really need the fire pit and hot cocoa while we carve jack-o’- lanterns? Oh, and don’t forget that I love a white Christmas. Okay, so I’m not going anywhere really soon. I love living in Utah.

holladay - blue moon fest

I also love working as a coordinator for the City of Holladay’s Arts Council.  

Because of an amazing Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks Local Arts Agency grant and the city’s match of funds, I am able to rub shoulders with an amazingly talented and creative group of people.  The arts council had their Blue Moon Arts Festival this year on an actual blue moon. And we somehow managed to have it without rain! The event was held in the heart of the city behind the city offices and was attended by double the anticipated number of people. The arts council really felt rewarded for all their efforts this year. The Blue Moon Festival was a one night event that included 3 local and international bands, food and dessert trucks, over 45 vendors and artists -- and it even ended with fireworks. The arts council and city worked hard -- along with 80 amazing volunteers -- to bring this growing event to the neighborhood in Holladay. And they have already started planning next year!  

blue moon fest

But we're not ready for summer to end just yet.

The Holladay Arts Council is going to stretch the summer fun into September.  We will celebrate international Talk Like a Pirate Day, because “Summer Forever” sounds like a good idea, at least for a couple more weeks.  We will be joining efforts with Holladay Library on September 19 from 10:00am to noon in the Pavilion at the City of Holladay. There will be crafts for the kids, readings, poetry contest awards, and all poetry entries will be on display. Wear your pirate costume or “walk the plank.” Enter the poetry contest at Holladay Library by September 12th.  See our website for more information

-Margo Richards

Margo Richards is the Coordinator for the City of Holladay’s Arts Council. She has had many years of experience in managing volunteers, accounting, fundraising and creating and balancing budgets. Her love of the arts and working with people in her community make this her dream job. She lives in Holladay with her husband, and she has two incredible grown children.