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What can I do to help arts and cultural nonprofits during COVID-19?

Posted By Salt Lake County ZAP
May 08, 2020

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Recently, ZAP received several calls from Salt Lake County community members asking how they can help support ZAP grantees as we all navigate our current “Stay Safe, Stay Home” surroundings. COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on our private and business communities, and our local arts and cultural nonprofits are no exception. While they are hard at work adapting to these new circumstances, what can be done to continue to support them?

Utah Symphony | Utah Opera stitchers make face masks out of material leftover from the production of “The Little Prince” last year. 

Donate to Organizations Directly

Did you know you already support ZAP funding through any purchases you make here in the County? For every $10 in sales tax collected in the County, one penny goes toward ZAP grants, which are distributed annually.

If you would like to contribute more, you can donate to your favorite ZAP grantees directly! The best way to do this is to go to the organization’s website and find their ‘Donate’ or ‘Support’ page. All ZAP grantees are 501(c)3s, so you can make tax-deductible donations to support them. Like ZAP funds, your donations go to help these organizations provide programming, pay their staff, expand their reach, and more.

To find ZAP grantees, visit our Grantee Directory:

Attend Their Virtual Events

Our local arts and cultural nonprofits are working hard to “Apollo 13” their programming and bring it to you right in the comfort of your living room. There’s already so much available for you to do! You can support their efforts by attending these online events the same way you would their in-person events.

From Virtual Yoga Classes on Instagram Live (every day at 5:30pm, thanks Alta Arts!), to meeting amazing animals (Virtual Indoor Bird Show at 9am with Tracy Aviary on Facebook and Instagram, and Facebook Field Trips with Hogle Zoo at 11:30am on select days), to online dance classes (looking at you Repertory Dance Theatre!), and MORE, many of our 2020 ZAP grantees are working hard to be sure their work can come to you.

Head to NowPlayingUtah’s Virtual Events page for a regularly-updated menu of virtual arts and cultural events.

Rob Reinfurt with Ace Community Enrichment teaches pizza making online

Consider Already Purchased Tickets as a Donation

Many ZAP grantees put on programming that requires a ticket. With events being cancelled or postponed to protect our community during these difficult times, they are working to refund patrons for events that cannot be attended. One way you can support local arts and cultural nonprofits is by considering a ticket you have already purchased as a donation instead of asking for a refund.

Follow Them on Social Media

It may seem little, but you can help support your local arts and cultural nonprofits by keeping up to date with them! With so many changes happening very quickly, our local nonprofits heavily use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to communicate how they are serving you. Following helps them get their message out there and keeps you in the know of all the cool things happening right now.

Abide By the County's Health Guidelines

By following the health guidelines outlined by Salt Lake County and the State, you help not just our local arts and cultural nonprofits, but your entire community. This includes wearing masks when you are out in public, and staying informed of your community's needs and requirements. More information can be found at

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