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Local Arts Agency Advancement


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Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks is dedicated to the advancement of Local Arts Agencies. The Local Arts Agency Advancement initiative is intended to give every Salt Lake County Local Arts Agency (LAA) an opportunity to fully engage and serve their community. Through this funding opportunity, LAAs within Salt Lake County have the opportunity to hire their first paid staff. Up to $10,000 is available per year per funded organization and must be matched by the organization's municipality/township.

Local Arts Agency Definition:

A local arts agency supports and advances the arts in service to the community by engaging residents, identifying and addressing community needs, reflecting community demographics, contributing to quality of life, building community identity, supporting artists and arts organizations, and speaking as a unified voice for arts and culture. A local arts agency can be an agency of local government, a nonprofit organization, or a hybrid of the two.

Program Services and Activities:

LAAs are active in at least some of the following programs, services and activites:

  • Produce or present the arts in more than one discipline (music, dance, theatre, literary, visual, film and video, digital, folk and traditional)
  • Provide and encourage public access to arts experiences
  • Recognize and support the community's cultural diversity
  • Offer financial support to artists and organizations through a grantmaking program
  • Engage in and support arts education for all ages
  • Manage a public art program
  • Conduct community cultural assessment and planning activities
  • Undertake marketing and public relations activities for LAA programs and for other activities in the community
  • Act as steward of a community's art collection
  • Partner with other arts/nonprofit groups in the community
  • Partner with economic development efforts in the community
  • Engage in community development through the arts
  • Manage one or more cultural facilities in the community
  • Contribute to creative placemaking activities
  • Engage in arts advocacy at local, state, and national levels
  • Represent the community as an important voice on the arts and other issues

Local Arts Agencies currently funded by the initiative:



 Must be  Afilliated with a municipality or township
 Minimum budget size  Not applicable
 Miscellaneous  Applicants must have completed a self-assessment with ZAP LAA consultant, Nancy Boskoff
 Financial requirements  Must agree to match funds
 Type of organizations funded  501(c)3 Local Arts Agencies or Local Arts Agency divisions of a municipality or  township

 Based on:

  • readiness to create a professional administrative position dedicated to advancing your local arts agency
  • city/township's support
  • allowing the hired staff to participate in the required networking and training activities


If you are planning to apply for Local Arts Agency Advancement funding, be sure you contact Nancy Boskoff to schedule a self-assessment meeting.  This must be done prior to submitting your application.

In addition to the application, you are required to submit three supporting documents:

  1. Copy of your organization's 501c3 letter or a letter from your municipality or township if you are an agency of either
  2. Municipal/Township Letter of Support
  3. Local Arts Agency Chair Letter of Support

Please contact ZAP for deadline information. 


This portion of the website is dedicated to serve as a reference for articles and online resources highlighting current activities and best practices in the nonprofit and local arts field. We hope this information offers your Local Arts Agency ideas, tools, and inspiration for continued success.

















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