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Tier I


Tier I or Large Cultural Organizations

The Zoo, Arts and Parks (ZAP) Program provides funding for twenty-two large cultural organizations under Tier I. This funding is available to organizations with three-year qualifying expenditures averaging $367,200. Organizations that receive Zoo, Arts and Parks funding in Tier I enhance economic development for the entire state, have professional staff, and often serve as ambassadors to Utah. Their activities are available to all Salt Lake County residents and visitors.

The 2021 Tier I & Zoological grant application will open approximately May 2020.

Organizations funded in Tier I in 2019:



The 2021 Tier I & Zoological grant application will open March 24 2020.

They are then carefully reviewed by our Tier I Advisory Board. The board makes funding recommendations to the County Council. Once the County Council approves the funding recommendations, ZAP staff will invite the recommended organizations to sign contracts. The percentage of funding each organization receives is based on qualifying expenditures. This process takes almost a full year. Tier II Process

  1. Application Due Date: May 29 2020 at 5pm
  2. Review by Volunteer Advisory Board: June-October 2020
  3. Advisory Board Recommendations: November 2020
  4. County Council Approval: December 2020
  5. Contracting: January 2021


Must be   501(c)3 organization
 Minimum budget size  $367,200 (3-year average)
 Miscellaneous  Must have main office in Salt Lake County
 Financial requirements  3 years of audited financial statements
 Type of organizations funded  Must be an arts, botanical, or cultural organization. See complete list of funded disciplines
 Funding  Based on qualifying expenditures after Advisory Board review and recommendation
 Note: If you apply, but are not recommended for Tier I funding, you ARE eligible to apply for Tier II funding.

View the Tier I Advisory Board Scoring Criteria

View the Financial Health Test Criteria


Application Workshop

Applicants should plan to attend an application workshop offered by ZAP staff annually. The workshop will give you an overview of the application, an opportunity to ask questions and a hands-on start to filling out your application.

2021 Tier I and Zoological Application Workshop

Before beginning your application, we highly recommend viewing the Application Webinar, which will be posted onto this website early April. Please return to this page (or sign up for the ZAP newsletter) for more information.

Staff will be send information regarding the availability of workshops in April.

Submit an Application

If your organization is eligible and you've attended an application workshop, it's time to apply for funding. The Tier I & Zoological Application will open March 24 2020 and must be submitted online through ZoomGrants, by May 29th at 5 pm. When you first sign into ZoomGrants, please make sure you create a username and password. Once you have login information, you can begin your application.

Contractual Obligations

Once your organization is recommended for funding, your organization must enter into a contract with Salt Lake County. Our contracts are approved by the district attorney's office. 

ZAP 2020 Tier I Contract

Funding contracts for the 2020 Tier I cycle are now available on ZoomGrants to be signed. The signing deadline is March 6 2020. 

Funded organizations are required to watch the contract webinar every year. Click the button below to navigate to the 2020 Tier I contract webinar.

ZAP 2020 Tier I Contract Webinar