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ZAP Logos, Banners & Ads

In the following tabs, you will find files for ZAP logos, banners, signs, and informational sheets for your use. Before utilizing the ZAP logo, please review the ZAP Logo Usage & Acknowledgment guide:

Contractual Media Obligations Guide

Download Contractual Media Obligations Guide HERE

ZAP grantees are contractually obligated to acknowledge ZAP:

  • In writing and orally, including at events for which funds have been utilized
  • On a donor/sponsor page or other place of prominence on organization's website (if applicable)
  • On written and printed assets, such as playbills, brochures, appropriate advertisements, flyers, banners, websites, and newsletters.
  • In other forms as appropriate, such as announcements from the stage, in media releases, on superititles, on pre-event videos, etc. 

ZAP staff will periodically audit the use of the ZAP logo to ensure it is being utilized in compliance with the logo usage standards outlined in the guide.


ZAP Logo Files

Please review the Logo Usage & Acknowledgment Guide before utilizing the ZAP logo to ensure your organization is in compliance with the logo usage standards.

ZAP Vertical Color Logo
jpg | ai

ZAP Horizonal Color Logo
jpg | ai

ZAP Vertiacal Black and White Logo
jpg | ai

ZAP Horizonal Black and White Logo
jpg | ai

Reversed logos- White, no background

ZAP Vertical Reversed Logo
png | ai
ZAP Horizonal Reversed Logo
png | ai


ZAP Logo en español
jpg | ai
ZAP Lgo en español
jpg | ai

Banners & Posters

Banners and Posters

ZAP has several sizes and orientations of vinyl banners and chloroplast posters available for your organization to use. These can be picked up at the ZAP offices. You may also use the files below to make your own banners or posters, however according to our logo usage standards please do not edit these files before printing. 

You've helped us vertical poster

Sizes Available for Vertical Banners: 36" x 63" & 24" x 42" &
Vertical Posters: 24" x 42" & 24" x 42"
jpg | ai

You've helped us horizontal poster

Sizes Available for Horizontal Banners: 36" x 72" & 24" x 48"
jpg | ai

Window Clings

You've helped us window cling

6" x 6" & 4" x 4"
jpg | ai

Other Material


ZAP Outreach Material:

Facebook Cover Template (.jpg)





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