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Watershed Planning and Restoration Program

New & Noteworthy

~REGISTER TODAY for the Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium, November 18-19, 2015

~ A collaboration with Salt Lake County, Jordan River Commission and CDEA created an interactive website, recognized by the EPA as an exceptional tool to achieve environmental benefits! For full details, see page 22 of the EPA's Next Generation Compliance Examples report.

~6-year update to the Salt Lake Countywide Water Quality Stewardship Plan is underway. Take the Stakeholder Survey,  let us know how the 2009 Plan has been used, and how it can be improved!

Watershed Watch Spring 2015

~Watershed Watch is back! Check out the latest issue of our newsletter.

~New Stream Care Guide: A Handbook for Residents of Salt Lake County.
This 57-page guide reviews the basics of protecting water quality, streamside habitat, and property values. Creek Closeups explore the creeks of Salt Lake County in more detail.

Stream Care Guide (7.5mb pdf)Improving the health of streams and water quality in Salt Lake County is the ultimate goal of the guide. Streams are dynamic ecosystems that provide water resources, floodwater pathways, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities. The healthier our streams, the better able they are to provide all of these important functions.

We hope that this guide will be used as an informational resource as well as one that motivates and inspires residents to identify and implement solutions in their own backyards. Whatever the scale, every bit of stream care helps.

Available as a pdf, in the following file sizes:

  1. Small file pdf (7.5mb)
  2. Large file, hi-res pdf (150.6mb)
    *best for viewing the maps*

For a free copy of the guide, contact Lynn at 

~New Salt Lake County handbook targets stream health (January 13, 2015) 

~Watershed Planners live on KUTV! (Channel 2 KUTV, May 6, 2015)


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What is the Watershed Planning and Restoration Program?

The Salt Lake County Watershed Planning and Restoration Program was created in 1997 and has engaged in numerous restoration, assessment, and planning activities since its inception. The primary goals of the program include assessment and restoration of streams and other water resources in the Jordan River sub-basin, stewardship planning, and environmental education outreach.

The scientific assessments and subsequent bioengineered restoration projects are carried out on a cooperative partnership basis with local municipalities, service districts and state/federal agencies. Notably, the program typically leverages local financial contributions with federal and state grants targeted at specific stream or lake restoration measures to accomplish its goals.

Jordan River riverbank before restoration (Location: Walden Park in Murray, UT)

Jordan River riverbank BEFORE restoration (Location: Walden Park in Murray, UT)


Walden Park riverbank AFTER restoration!

Walden Park riverbank AFTER restoration. Rubble and garbage cleaned up; steep slope graded into terraces and planted with native trees, shrubs and wildflowers.