Salt Lake County
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Watershed Planning and Restoration Program

Watershed Library

These studies and documents chronicle water quality efforts:

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1992 Jordan River Stability Study (1 of 3) 4.0 Mb
1992 Jordan River Stability Study: Attachment 1 Maps & Figures (2 of 3) 39.6 Mb
1992 Jordan River Stability Study: Appendix (3 of 3) 4.0 Mb
1978 208 Area-Wide Water Quality Management Plan 22.7 Mb
1978 208 Economic & Demographic Futures 1980-2000
1978 208 Evaluation of Land Use and Bacterial Water Quality
1978 208 Hydraulic Analysis of Irrigation Canals
1980 208 Jordan River Fishery
1978 208 Pollution Sources of Salt Lake Valley Streams
1978 208 Technical Land Use Plan for Wasatch Canyons
1978 208 Water Supply and Use, Status, and Outlook
2005 Alta General Plan (with maps)
1986 Aquatic Ecosystem Inventory Macroinvertebrate Analysis
- Economics of Protection
1985 Assessment of the Shallow aquifer in Salt Lake Valley
1984 Assessment of Salt Lake Valley Tributaries - Beneficial Use Impairment and Opportunities
2003 Backcountry Program Watershed Report
2002 Backcountry Program Watershed Report 2002
2004 Backcountry Program Watershed Report 2004
1997 Big Cottonwood Creek Fish Habitat Survey
2000 Big Cottonwood Creek Stream Survey Report
1984 Big Cottonwood Canyon Home Waste Disposal Assessment
1962 Birds of Brighton and Parley's Park
1982 BMPs for Western Riparian Ecosystems
1984 Channel Stability Evaluation and Stream Reach Inventory
- Corner Canyon Creek Channel Stability Evaluation
2006 DWQ 2006 -2007 Monitoring Program
1993 Ecosystem Character and Functional evaluation of Wetlands in Albion Basin
2005 Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan DRAFT
1999 Emigration General Plan
1986 Fishery and Macroinvertebrate Studies of the Jordan River in Salt Lake County
2005 Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans
2004 History of the Salt Lake Aqueduct
2003 Jordan River Drainage Management Plan
1986 Jordan River Channel Stability Evaluation
1993 Jordan River Corridor Conceptual Master Plan for the Narrows to 11800 South
- Jordan River Corridor Proposal Prepared for the CUP Completion Act Section 8 Advisory Team
1987 Jordan River Fisheries Evaluation
1988 Jordan River Fish Study - BioWest
1990 Jordan River Nature Park - A Plan for Urban Wildlife Habitat
1995 Jordan River Nonpoint Source Management Plan for Hydrologic Modifications
1984 Jordan River Terrestrial Wildlife Inventory for Proposed Lampton Res Area - Bonneville Unit CUP
1973 Jordan River Utah Study EPA
1996 Jordan River Vision Statement and Goals of the Jordan River Watershed Council
1995 Jordan River Wetland Acquisition and Management Plan
1987 Jordan River Wetland Advance Identification Study
1987 Jordan River Wetland Wildlife Evaluation for the JR Wetland Advanced Identification Study
2005 Jordan River Water Quality Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Assessment
2004 Landcover Descriptions for the SW Regional GAP
1997 Level II Stream Morphology Classification for the Jordan River
2006 Loading and Attenuation of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Emigration Creek
2001 Little Cottonwood Creek Stream Survey Report
1978 Methods and Assessing Instream Flows for Recreation
2005 Mill Creek Fish Survey
1996 Mill Creek Restoration Project Phase 2 - Streambank Stabilization Interim Project Report
- Pollutional Degradation of Jordan River As Shown by Aquatic Invertebrates
1981 Pollution Mitigation in Emigration Canyon
1997 R1-R4 Fish & Fish Habitat Standard Inventory Procedures Handbook
1985 Riparian Zone Management Plan for Salt Lake Valley Tributaries
2007 Rule R317-2 Water Quality Standards
1994 Section 305(b) Water Quality Assessment Update for the Jordan River Sub-Basin
1982 Salt Lake County Area Wide Water Study (1 of 3)
1982 Salt Lake County Area Wide Water Study (2 of 3)
1982 Salt Lake County Area Wide Water Study (3 of 3)
1982 Salt Lake County Chapter 17.08 Flood Control Facilities
2002 Salt Lake County Southwest Canal and Creek Study (Vol 1)
1999 Salt Lake City Watershed Management Plan
- Salt Lake City Watershed Management Program History
1993 Soil and Hydrology of Albion Basin Wetlands
2005 Southwest Regional GAP Final Report on Land Cover Mapping Methods
1975 Stream Reach Inventory and Channel Stability Evaluation
2007 Survey: A Study of Attitudes About the Salt Lake County Watershed
2010 Survey: Salt Lake County Watershed Public Opinion Survey
- A Technical Manual for Landowners, Loggers, and Resource Managers
2001 Utah Nonpoint Source Management Plan
1989 Wasatch Canyons Master Plan
2005 Water Reuse in Utah
2006 West Bench Plan (Chapters 1 - 3)
2006 West Bench Plan (Chapter 4)
2006 West Bench Plan (Chapter 5)
2005 West Bench Perspective Image
2003 Wasatch Cache National Forest Plan
1981 Wetland Resources of Salt Lake County