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2024 Party Affiliation

The March 5th and June 25th Primary Elections are held so political parties can narrow the field of candidates and select nominees to represent their party on the November General Election ballot. Registered voters will be mailed a primary election ballot corresponding to the party affiliation indicated on their voter registration.

Changes to state code (see sections 20A-2-107(1) and 20A-2-107.5) have affected the deadlines for changing party membership. Voters wishing to join a party or change parties should refer to the information below.

The Democratic Party is the only party holding a Presidential Primary Election on March 5. All other parties are either holding a caucus to determine their candidate for president, or do not need to hold a primary election. As such, only voters who belong to the Democratic Party, or those who have requested a Democratic ballot, will receive a ballot for the March 5 election. More information can be found on the Presidential Primary Election page.

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If you are
of a political party

  • To vote in your party's primary
    • Do nothing, a ballot will be mailed to you, should one occur for your precinct
  • To vote in the closed primary of a different party
  • To vote in the open primary of a different party

If you are
of a political party

  • To vote in a closed primary
    • Affiliate with a party on or before February 23 (for the Presidential Primary) or June 14 (for the regular Primary) to receive a mail-in ballot
  • To vote in an open primary
(Unaffiliated voters may affiliate at an in-person Vote Center and vote a partisan ballot after February 23 and June 14, respectively)

If you are

  • Register to vote on or before February 23 (for the Presidential Primary) or June 14 (for the regular Primary). You may either affiliate with a party to receive a ballot for an open or closed primary, or remain unaffiliated and request an open primary ballot.

NOTE: Party Affiliation only applies to primary elections. Voters may vote for any candidate of any political party in the November General Elections regardless of party affiliation. Pursuant to state law, voters may only vote in one partisan primary election.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a primary is "Open" or "Closed"?
Some political parties choose to limit who votes in their primary elections to member of the party. Only party members are allowed to vote in closed party elections. Any voter, regardless of party membership, is allowed to vote in open party elections. A table of parties by status is below.

Open Primary
(open to any voter, regardless of political affiliation)
Closed Primary
(open only to voters affiliated with that party)
Democratic Party Republican Party
Independent American Party Libertarian Party
United Utah Party Constitution Party
Utah Forward Party No Labels Party
  Green Party
What is the deadline to join a political party?
If you currently belong to a political party, the deadline to change parties, if you choose to do so, is January 9, 2024. After that date you will not be able to change your party membership until after the June Primary Election. If you do not belong to a political party, you may join any time before the March or June Primary Elections and receive a ballot to vote in that party's election. Any changes you make to your party status after joining will not take effect until after the regular Primary Election.

What if I don't care to join a party?
If you don't currently belong to a political party, you are not required to join. You will still be able to request a ballot for open party primary elections and will be eligible to vote in any non-partisan primaries taking place in your voting precinct, such as local school board elections.