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Web Accessibility - The short version

Some people have challenges with seeing, moving, hearing or thinking. Some people do not have good computers, phones or fast internet. Some people might have other kinds of challenges too. But everyone should be able to use Salt Lake County's website.To help make sure everyone can use our website, we will follow these guidelines:


Our website will have features that make it easier to read and understand.  We know that some people have challenges with seeing or hearing. Other people have challenges with moving their body, or with thinking. We will use colors so that people will be able to see our site better. We will let people change the text, so it can be bigger or smaller. If we find out about other things that could help people, we will try to use them. 

Computer Tools 

We will use computer programs and tools to help as many people as we can. We want everyone to get information from our website. We will show file sizes to help people with issues like slow internet.


We will try to make our website easy for most people to read and understand. We will try to make the words as easy as we can. When we use links, we want you to know what it will take you to. Links to information will be easy to understand. Audio and video files will have a readable version, if we have it. People who cannot see or hear can use their tools on our website. Most people who speak other languages will be able to read our website in their language.


There are some guidelines that keep our website easy to use and understand. We test our website to check that we are following these guidelines called WCAG 2.0 and 2.1


If you or someone you know has trouble with our website, please let us know. You can fill out the form below, call 385-468-0570, or email

To help us fix a problem, please tell us as much as you can about it. Tell us the page name, department name, and where on the page the problem is. 

Let us know what the problem is, too. Tell us if the colors or text are hard to see. Or if you can't use the keyboard to move around.   If you want to know when we fix a problem, tell us your name and give us your phone number or email. 

Please don't report things like broken links or other web preblems here. Use the special link at the bottom of the page called "Comments about this page". You can search our site to find what you need by clicking "Search" at the top of the page. Please don't send us comments about general things or political opinions. The web team can't help with things like paying taxes or pool hours.

We are here to help if there is a problem using our website. You can find the right place to send other kinds of comments on the Contact SLCo page.

Accessibility Statement - Expanded

Salt Lake County is committed to providing information to residents and visitors with a website experience that is accessible to everyone, including users who experience any disability, including those of sight, hearing, neurological, motor or other challenges that affects their capacity to access and understand the information presented on our website. This can also mean users who experience other barriers such as technological, economic, or other challenges not covered by this statement.

To the best of our ability, we will adhere to the following guideline areas:


Websites will be presented with design standards that allow for visual, motor, neurological, or other barriers to access information. In general, this means that our sites will be presented with a design that considers color standards (contrast), screen size (responsiveness), the ability to adjust font size as needed, and other design methods that increase readability and understanding.


We will use technological platforms that adhere to the highest levels of accessibility as reasonable and provide the broadest audience of users the ability to obtain information from our websites. We will do our best to ensure that downloads are marked with the file size to allow users with a metered connection to avoid downloading large files.


Information will be displayed in a way that allows the most users to read and understand it to the best of their ability. We commit to using natural, non-technical language and to avoid confusing jargon or acronyms where we can. Links to information will be displayed using simple, relevant text, and where they are available, audio and video files will have attached transcripts. Where available, translation into other languages will be provided.


In general, the guidelines we follow are established by the WC3 and are known as WCAG 2.0 and 2.1. We will perform frequent testing of our websites and content to ensure that these guidelines are followed.


If you or someone you know is having problems accessing information, please tell us about it – either using the form below, or by calling 385-468-0570.

When reporting issues, please include as much information as possible, so that we can locate the problem and correct it. This includes the page name, department name, approximate location on the page,  or other identifying information including the nature of the issue (color, contrast, keyboard browsing, for example) .

If you would like to be notified about the resolution to your problem, if any, please include your name and preferred method of contact.


Web Accessibility Reporting

Do not report general web issues such as broken links or other errors here.

Use the "Comments about this page" links on the bottom of the page with the issue.

Do not send unrelated comments, political opinions or general questions to this form.

Please visit the contact page to find who to contact with your issue.