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USU Bastian Agricultural  Center


Salt Lake County has entered into an interlocal agreement with Utah State University Extension and the Bastian Family Foundation to locate the Bastian Agricultural Center at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park in South Jordan. The agreement transfers ownership of the park to USU to accommodate an urban agricultural and equine center within the Equestrian Park.


Bastian Center Overview

The primary goals and focus of the USU Bastian Agricultural Center are to:

  • Provide agricultural education and experiences to an increasingly urban population
  • Promote youth education through the only youth 4-H center in Utah
  • Deliver community-based adult education
  • Provide research-based information to local government, community organizers, constituents
    and corporate leaders
  • Share the most recent agricultural knowledge, technologies, and manufacturing methods
  • Further research and development to discover better products and processes

Under the agreement, USU Extension will:

  • Continue to operate the majority of current equestrian services at the park as well as other agricultural and educational programming
  • Add a STEM Center, Plant Production Center, Animal Center, and Nature Resource area to the facility
  • Continue current equine events while updating arenas and facilities to draw more equine and non-equine events in the future

Read more about the center plans

View more about the Location

USU Bastian Center Website


Frequently Asked Questions

Review the frequently asked questions about the agreement. The FAQ will be updated based on comments received. 


Next Steps

Salt Lake County and USU are currently working on a transition plan. The exact date of the transfer has not been determined. All current contracts and passes will be continued after the transfer. 

Salt Lake County continues to support the equestrian community, event clients, and surrounding residents of the park and wants to ensure undisrupted services at the park.


If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to our department or USU Extension.

Salt Lake County Contact: