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Health Department Encourages Student Physical Activity—Even During Inversions

Program offers physical activity equipment for schools to use year-round, indoors or out


Help Those in Need the Right Way This Holiday Season

Donate, volunteer via existing organizations—don’t serve people experiencing homelessness on your own.


Public Safety Agencies Encourage Residents to Learn About Naloxone

Life-saving naloxone rescue kits are legal to possess and, when necessary, use.


Giant Sculptures Made of Healthy Food Encourage Food Bank Donations

Organizers of Food Design say, “The opposite of hungry isn’t full, it’s healthy.”


Health Department Announces Most Prevalent Infectious Diseases of 2016

Sexually transmitted diseases continue to top the list; officials encourage STD testing


Algae-related Toxin Detected in Jordan River

A low level of anatoxin-a means people and pets should stay out of the water itself, but recreational activities like boating should not present a threat to health.


WNV Detected In Multiple Salt Lake County Mosquito Pools

Health officials urge residents to take precautions to avoid illness


Salt Lake County’s Longest Serving Employee Retires After 53 Years of Service

Nearly 20% of health department employees have more than 20 years at the agency


Health department adds a follow-up recommendation to “Don’t Poop in the Pool,” warns swimmers, “Don’t Drink the Water”

Half of adults don’t regularly shower before swimming; 60% admit to swallowing pool water


Health Department Reminds Restaurants: Receive Permission Before Welcoming Dogs to Patios

Twelve SLCo restaurants have applied for and received a “Paws on the Patio” variance


Health Department Announces New Prescription Drug Disposal Option

Proper disposal of medications protects our environment and helps prevent drug misuse.


Mumps Outbreak Joins Growing Measles Outbreak in Salt Lake County

Confirmed measles cases up to two; officials also report two confirmed cases of mumps in the county


Health Officials Confirm Measles Case in Salt Lake County

SLCoHD urges residents to vaccinate.


High Blood Pressure Diagnosis Inaccurate at Least 50% of the Time

New website educates clinics and patients about correct blood pressure measurement techniques