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SLCo Elected Officials


Establishes the assessed value and classification for all locally assessed property. Assesses and collects the personal property tax.


Calculates the tax rates for all taxing entities in the county. Acts as clerk for the Board of Equalization. Prepares and delivers annual Valuation Notice (also know as the Truth in Tax Notice) to all property owners.


The Salt Lake County Clerk directs the Elections Division, Marriage and Passport Divisions, and the Council Clerk Division.


Adopts the County budget, a portion of which is supported by property taxes, and directs the activities of the Board of Equalization.

District Attorney

The District Attorney's Office is responsible for a wide variety of legal work, including prosecution of all felony criminal matters in the County, as well as handling civil governmental legal work and government litigation.

Justice Court

To provide the highest level of judicial service to the citizens of the County and the other levels of the Court at the lowest cost and in the most expeditious manner.


The Mayor enforces policies established by the County Council by assigning work in the executive branch including Public Works, Human Services, and Community and Support Services as well as exercising power of veto.


Maintains records of property ownership, liens, filings, etc. as well as legal descriptions and related plats of all property in the county.


The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the community, protects and serves the community through progressive, comprehensive, and cost-effective law enforcement, corrections initiatives, and court services.


Provides quality surveying and mapping services to protect, preserve, and perpetuate property boundary rights.


Bills and collects all real property taxes, administers statutory tax relief programs, refunds tax overpayments, distributes all taxes collected to local tax entities.