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Parks Operation Audit

May 2022

Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. §17-19a-401, County Auditor Investigative Powers – Report of Findings, we recently completed an investigation of alleged wrongdoing at the Salt Lake County Parks Operations Division. We received a tip through the Salt Lake County Auditor’s Fraud Hotline, alleging that:

  • Employees were operating commercial vehicles without a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
  • Management was not properly tracking capital and controlled assets and parts inventory.
  • An employee purchased more trailer brakes than necessary.

The definition of wrongdoing includes actions such as fraud, waste, abuse, and unethical behavior. Our priority in any type of investigation is to ensure that County funds and assets are fully accounted for and that they are properly safeguarded against theft or misappropriation. We designed our investigation procedures to gather sufficient evidence related to the reported allegations and to form the basis for our conclusions and findings in this report. However, the evidence we gathered, and the investigative steps taken, are meant to provide only reasonable, not absolute assurance, that any wrongdoing occurred. Our audit did not find any significant instances of wrongdoing related to the allegations above.