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Initiatives & Priorities

Reentry and Reintegration Project

This project supports evidence- based interventions to assist individuals with criminal records successfully reintegrate into the community and achieve economic stability and mobility.

One focus of this project is expungement policy and practice:

  • The Projects convenes an expungement workgroup of key stakeholders with the goal of improving the expungement process and remove unnecessary obstacles. The workgroup supports legislation that eliminates burdensome and costly steps in the process while protecting the interests of public safety.
  • The Project has also created the Expungement Toolkit, a community resource that provides information and guidance on petition-based expungement.
  • Prior to the launch of the Expungement Toolkit, the grant-funded Salt Lake County Expungement Navigator Project (2019-2021) provided direct assistance through Expungement Day events.

Criminal Justice System Information and Analysis

Make information, data, and analysis about criminal justice process and performance available and accessible to inform operations, evaluate performance, and advance transparency.

Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice Initiatives
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