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The Facilities Management Electrical crew works on a wide variety of electrical and electronic equipment and systems. Their work includes building electrical distribution equipment such as panels, switchgear, transformers and motor control centers, Emergency back-up Generators, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Lighting Control, Parking lot lighting, Fire and Security Systems, Audio and Visual Systems and maintenance of solar power systems.

They have created the County Electrical Standards for all new construction and they review specifications and drawings for contracted construction and renovation projects. Additionally, they oversee county-wide contracts for elevator maintenance, generator maintenance, overhead doors and Uninterruptible Power systems.

A man wearing a hard hat and holding a machine. A man wearing a hard hat and holding a machine.

Our electrical services include:

  • Service and maintain building electrical distribution equipment:
    • panels
    • switchgear
    • transformers
    • motor control center
  • Service and maintain emergency back-up generators
  • Service and maintain uninterruptible power systems
  • Manage and update lighting control systems
  • Maintain parking lot lighting systems
  • Maintain and install fire and security systems
  • Maintain and install audio and visual systems
  • Manage and service solar power systems
  • Develop and update County Electrical Standards
  • Oversee and manage Countywide elevator maintenance contract
  • Oversee and manage Countywide generator contract
  • Oversee and manage Countywide overhead door contract
  • Oversee and manage Countywide uninterruptible power supply contract
  • Install and help manage energy efficient lighting retrofit projects