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Our Facilities Services team provides custodial, general labor, grounds, set up, courier service, and much more.

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Our facilities services include:

  • County government courier pickup and delivery services
  • Cleaning of carpets in public areas within Government Center and other facilities upon request
  • Ensure meeting and other activities have the proper equipment needed
  • Graffiti removal throughout Salt Lake County property
  • Clean parking areas, loading docks, maintenance areas, bus stop and around grounds
  • Move furniture and other office/facility related equipment throughout Salt Lake County
  • Haul surplus furniture and equipment throughout Salt Lake County
  • Assist other trades (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Carpenter) as requested
  • Oversee contracted services in the areas of bulk mail, custodial, pest control, snow removal, window and blinds cleaning
  • Maintain grounds and gardens at the Government Center