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Data Inventory

A detailed and comprehensive data inventory that makes data appropriately discoverable is an important Data Governance value proposition. To know what information is available and how it can be accessed allows for new insights, knowledge, and wisdom.



Data Inventory Framework

The Data Governance Working Group is responsible to design and establish a data inventory framework and processes to collect data inventory and maintain the data. Data Coordinators are responsible for conducting and submitting data inventory data through coordination with the agency staff.

The data inventory framework will include the following four steps:

  • Identification of data sources (applications) and completion of the SLCo Application Inventory Survey
  • Identification of data sets within these data sources and completion of the SLCo Data Catalog Inventory Survey
  • Review process and gap analysis
  • Develop an accessible data catalog

It is important to ensure data inventory accuracy and reliability. The Data Governance Working Group will establish a periodic review process to update the survey data.