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Swim Lessons

All Parks and Recreation Centers offering swim school and stroke school use the same color progression to mark the levels (white, red, yellow, blue, and green). Swim school is where swimmers begin to learn the basics of swimming and water safety. Stroke school is for those working on developing their skills in each swim stroke (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and swim endurance). Refer to the following charts for guidance on which level best fits your needs/interests.

Core Skills Achievement Stages (Swim School)


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Swim School White
  • will not put face in the water
  • Is not comfortable in the water
Swim School Red
  • Will put face in the water
  • Can not float independently
Swim School Yellow
  • Can float on front and back unassisted
  • Can jump in the water and return to the surface
Swim School Blue
  • Has no fear of water
  • Can change direction and can roll to breathe
Swim School Green
  • Can tread water for at least 15 seconds
  • Can breathe comfortably on both sides.

Stroke School


Stroke White-Freestyle
  • Has passed Swim School Green
  • Can swim basic freestyle with rotary (side) breathing
Stroke Red-Backstroke
  • Has passed Stoke School white
Stroke Yellow-Butterfly
  • Has passed Stoke School White and Red
Stroke Blue-Breaststroke
  • Has passed Stroke School White, Red, and Yellow
Stroke Green-Endurance
  • Has passed stroke school White, Red, and Blue
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Swim Lesson Programs