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Wheeler Farm Outdoor Education Center

The Outdoor Education Center, located on the Wheeler Historic Farm property, will be a year-round learning center, staffed and operated jointly by Salt Lake County and Utah State University Extension. As our community continues to become more urbanized, the center will utilize current and future partnerships to provide a suite of educational and experiential opportunities including chances for children to reconnect with nature, education about Salt Lake Valley’s agricultural heritage, learning opportunities about current and historic farming practices, a teaching space with direct access to hands-on experiences (i.e. horticulture, agriculture, livestock, watershed science, urban forestry) and volunteer opportunities to encourage community involvement.

Wheeler Farm Outdoor Education Center.png

The $2.6 million project is made possible by Salt Lake County residents through the 2016 ZAP 3 Parks and Recreation Bond and through charitable donations from Wheeler Farm Friends and other organizations.

Project Timeline

Groundbreaking, Construction begins

Project Completed