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January 29, 2024

Salt Lake County Launches Landlord Engagement Initiative to Foster Housing Stability

Salt Lake County — The Salt Lake County Housing & Community Development team is taking proactive steps to enhance housing stability for tenants by forging partnerships with local landlords. Together, we aim to collaboratively shape housing policies that mutually benefit housing providers and the communities they serve.

Recognizing the vital role landlords play in meeting the community's housing needs, our team wants to understand the preferences of landlords regarding community programs. Salt Lake County seeks to align these programs with the expectations and requirements of landlords, ensuring a harmonious and effective collaboration.

To gather valuable insights, Salt Lake County is reaching out to landlords for feedback through a comprehensive survey. This initiative is part of an ongoing effort to identify and implement programs that prove most effective in promoting housing stability. The county aims to establish itself as a responsive and supportive partner in developing sustainable solutions.


Landlord Engagement Survey:

Landlords in Salt Lake County, Utah, are encouraged to participate in the survey, providing their perspectives on community programs. The survey aims to gauge preferences and expectations, allowing the county to tailor its initiatives to better serve the interests of both landlords and tenants.

The survey will remain open for responses until February 28th.

If you are a landlord who is interested in providing your feedback, please email our Housing Asset Manager, Emily J. Pidgeon, at


Community Involvement:

Salt Lake County invites landlords to share the survey link with their peers and fellow landlords in the region. The more participation, the richer the feedback, leading to more informed and effective housing policies.


Contact Information:

For further information or to receive a link to the survey, please contact:

Emily J. Pidgeon

Housing Asset Manager

Office of Regional Development, Salt Lake County

Phone: (385) 468-4914



Salt Lake County is committed to fostering an inclusive and stable housing environment, and this initiative underscores its dedication to collaboration and responsiveness. By engaging landlords directly, the county aims to create policies that meet the needs of all stakeholders involved in the housing ecosystem.