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Plan Approval and Permits

Project planning assistance

A number of local, state, and federal agencies regulate work in and around streams. Before beginning any stream enhancement, bank stabilization, landscaping or building project be sure to check with these agencies for guidance and permits that will be needed.

Salt Lake County Flood Control Permit

Work that occurs within 20 ft (6.1 meters) of the top of the channel bank of flood control facilities (this includes most streams in the county) will require a Flood Control Permit, per Title 17 of the Salt Lake County Code of Ordinances.

State Stream Alteration Permit

Any work that will alter the bed or banks of a natural stream in Utah must obtain written authorization from the State Engineer. Projects may also require additional permitting from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Salt Lake City Riparian Permit

Salt Lake City residents may need a Riparian Permit, as per Salt Lake City Ordinance Riparian Corridor Overlay District (RCO).

Sovereign Lands General Permit

Work along the banks of the Jordan River may require a Sovereign Lands General Permit.