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ZAP Funding Restrictions

ZAP policy limits the ways in which ZAP funds may be utilized (Salt Lake Countywide Policy 1031: 3.15). The following list consists of unallowable expenditures for which ZAP funds may not be used:

  • Expenses not related to cultural, botanical, or zoological activities
  • Performances, events, and activities that take place outside Salt Lake County
  • Activities not available to the general public (e.g. university or college program organized primarily for student populations)
  • Endowments, cash reserves, or saving account funds
  • Accumulated deficits or debt retirement
  • Capital improvements
  • Lobbying Expenses
  • Scholarships, purchase of awards, cash, or prizes
  • Hiring of temporary or permanent staff in any school or school system (please note that certain school programs may also be subject to limitations; if you have questions, please contact ZAP staff)
  • Non-cultural celebratory activities (no parties)
  • Re-granting, sub-granting, fellowships, and fiscal sponsorship
  • Educational institution whose annual revenues are directly derived more than 50% from state funds
  • Activities that are primarily religious in purpose or promote a religious viewpoint
  • Magazines or newspapers
  • Radio or television broadcasting network or stations, or cable communications systems
  • Activities intended primarily for fundraising
  • Recreational, rehabilitative or therapeutic programs
  • Social service programs
  • Fireworks
  • Sister-city programs
  • Rodeos