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Traffic Conviction Expungement

You can ask the court to expunge your traffic convictions without having to go through the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) to obtain a Certificate of Expungement Eligibility. You would still need to file a petition with the court and serve the prosecutor and respond to any objections and attend any court hearings.

If the court issues an Order of Expungement, the traffic offense will be removed from court and police records only. Traffic offenses will not be removed from your Utah Driver License record.

You can file a petition for expungement of a traffic conviction if:

  • For a class C misdemeanor or infraction, at least three years have elapsed from the conviction date
  • For a class B misdemeanor, at least four years have elapsed from the conviction date

Only certain violations qualify as traffic offenses for expungement. Driving without Insurance, Expired Vehicle Registration, and Driving without an Interlock Device are all offenses that would require a Certificate of Eligibility from BCI. See our step-by-step guide for this type of petition-based expungement.

“Traffic offense” means:

Examples of a "traffic offense" as listed on a court case docket:

  • Charge 3 - 41-6A-1803 - FAILURE TO WEAR SEAT BELT - Infraction
  • Charge 1 - 41-6A-601 - SPEEDING 53 in a 40 - Class C Misdemeanor

“Traffic offense” does not mean:

Examples that are "NOT traffic offense" as listed on a court case docket:

  • Charge 3 - 41-12A-302 - OPERATING A VEHICLE WITHOUT INSURANCE - Class B
  • Charge 2 - 41-1A-404 - FAILURE TO DISPLAY LICENSE PLATE - Class C Misdemeanor