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Sherrie Swensen

Sherrie Swensen

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The Path of Your Ballot

Vote checkmark graphicVote by mail - the path of your ballot. 

You may track your ballot's progress on the State of Utah's elections site.


1. Per state law, your ballot packet will be mailed 21 days before the election. 

2. Your Ballot Packet includes

"I Voted" Commemorative sticker
  • An inner return envelope with the signature affidavit
  • Instruction sheet with a  removable commemorative sticker
  • Security sleeve

3. The U.S. Postal Service delivers the ballot packet to voters. 

4. The voter makes their selections and places the ballot in the return envelope - following the instructions in #5 below.

5. 3-Step Ballot Return process

  1. Insert ballot into the security sleeve, and then into the return envelope. 
  2. Sign the voter affidavit on the return envelope.
  3. Seal the envelope with the adhesive strip. 

6. Voter Returns Their Ballot

  • Through the USPS mail (first-class return postage is already paid)
  • At any of the 21 drive-up ballot drop boxes. (Collected daily)
  • At any voting center, including early voting locations.

7. Upon its return, the ballot is processed.

The barcode on the envelope is scanned, creating a return log and vote history for the voter. This ensures that only one ballot is accepted for each voter. 

8. The privacy tab of the envelope is opened.

Opening just the privacy tab while revealing the signed affidavit maintains the privacy of the ballot which is sealed inside the envelope.

After the signature is verified, the security sleeve containing the ballot is removed and separated from the return envelope, making the ballot anonymous. 

9. The ballot is prepared for counting.

Once the security sleeve is opened, the ballot is removed, unfolded, and prepared for counting. Ballots are tabulated as they are received, and the results are released on Election Night. Results cannot be seen until the polls close and the Election Night report is released. 


Vote By-Mail - The Path of Your Ballot - Graphic



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