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Conviction Integrity Unit

It is a prosecutor’s duty to protect the innocent before, during, and after a trial. When confronted with a specific claim of innocence in an open case, Deputy District Attorneys must notify their supervisor to address any concerns about the integrity of the case promptly.

The Conviction Review Unit (CRU) reviews and investigates post-conviction claims of innocence and makes recommendations to the District Attorney about the disposition of those claims. When confronted with a claim of innocence in a closed case, Deputy District Attorneys must notify the CRU. The CRU handles all applications for conviction review from members of the public.

The CRU consists of a Conviction Review Unit Chief and a Conviction Review Committee. The CRU consults with a Conviction Review Panel, which reviews qualifying applications and makes recommendations. 

The Conviction Review Unit Chief organizes the work of the CRU and leads all re-investigations of cases as necessary.   

The Conviction Review Committee is comprised of senior members of the District Attorney’s Office.   

The Conviction Review Panel consists of five leading criminal justice experts outside of the Office, who participate in the review of past convictions and make recommendations to the District Attorney.


- Retired Justice Christine Durham

- Retired Justice Judith Atherton

- Former AUSA David Schwendiman

- Defense Attorney Gilbert Athay

- Michelle Love-Day