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Safer Sidewalk Program

  • Public Works Engineering is a service provider for the following Metro Townships: Copperton, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, and White City. We also provide services to residents of Unincorporated Salt Lake County.
  • PW Engineering does not provide services to any incorporated city. 
  • Funding levels are approved annually by the Municipal Services District. 
  • Older areas of Salt Lake County were not required to install sidewalks at the time of development. This has created a need for installation of sidewalks due to the increasing number of school-age children in Salt Lake County

Two options are available for the installation of sidewalks:

Option 1: 

Request the County to analyze a street for sidewalks which will place them on a priority list based on the number of vehicles on the road, number of pedestrians, schools in the area and the accident rate. The higher the project is on the priority list the sooner the project can be completed when funds become available. Requests must be made in writing.

Option 2: 

Create a Local Improvement District (LID) where the residents pay for sidewalks and the County installs it.

Send Requests to:

Ahmed Dahir