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Special Events

Special Events within the following areas require the submittal of an application: Big Cottonwood Canyon, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, Unincorporated Salt Lake County, and White City.

PW Engineering does not provide services to Copperton Township or any incorporated city.


Permit Information

  • Insurance certificates, maps, and fees will need to be submitted to the Permit Specialist before your request can be fully processed. See fee schedule below.
  • $50 fee for Big Cottonwood Canyon and any Unincorporated Salt Lake County areas.
  • Special events or Filming held on any state roadway(s) may also require an additional permit from Utah Department of Transportation.
  • Special events or Filming held in any canyon may also require an additional permit from United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Division. Please contact Ben Kraja.
  • Sponsors of block parties will also be required to submit paperwork with the signatures of affected neighbors' concurrence of the road closure. This paperwork should reflect the addresses of each resident, as well as their signature indicating agreement for the road closure. Barricades and security are the responsibility of the applicant.

Ben Kraja

United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Division

Phone Number (801) 733-2664

# of Participants Fee per day
0 to 100 $50.00
100 to 200 $100.00
200 to 400 $200.00
400 to 600 $500.00
Over 600 $1,000.00
Filming Fees $200.00


If you have any questions, please contact the Permit Specialist.

  • Countywide Policy and Procedure #1012 requires that the sponsor of any organized race, run, walk, bicycle race, block or neighborhood party, parade, carnival or similar activity occurring, whole or in part, on any unincorporated Salt Lake County public roadway or property must request permission of the County, through submission of this form to the Engineering Division's Permit Specialist:
  • Block parties will submit paperwork with the signatures of affected neighbors' concurrence to the road-closure.
  • Block and neighborhood parties, parades of less than one mile, and school activities held in the immediate area of the school are excepted from the insurance requirements set forth in Section 14.56.100 of the ordinance.
  • Salt Lake County reserves the right to deny permit applications for proposed special events which pose a significant danger or threat to the public health, welfare or safety, or which may result in unreasonable inconvenience or cost to the public.
  • A violation of Section 14.56.040 shall be Class B Misdemeanor. Failure to obtain a permit as required by this chapter may also result in enforcement action by the County Sheriff's Office which, in its discretion, may stop an event which has not been issued a permit and/or may issue citations where event staff or participants violate other state statutes or county ordinances, including but not limited to traffic rules and regulations, disturbing the peace, public nuisance, failure to disperse, trespass, or other health and safety regulations.
  • Any request for events on public roadways, except as covered by (III) above, or sponsored by a County agency must obtain a certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming Salt Lake County as an additional insured as indicated in Section 14.56.100 of the ordinance.