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Hazardous wastes generated from building demolitions present an environmental and public health hazard. To prevent contamination of the soil and groundwater at both the demolition site and at landfills that accept demolition waste, the Salt Lake County Health Department, in partnership with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality and private consultants and contractors, requires pre-demolition inspections of buildings.

Pre-demolition inspections look for the presence of universal wastes, hazardous and toxic wastes, and asbestos-containing materials. If these wastes are present in the building to be demolished, they must be removed and properly disposed of prior to the building’s demolition.


Building Demolition Process

If you are planning to demolish any building in Salt Lake County, follow the steps below.

Be sure to keep on-site copies of all paperwork and forms for all agencies until the demolition is completed.

Have the structure inspected by a pre-demolition building inspector who is registered with the health department AND who is employed by a company certified by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality). The health department does not conduct pre-demolition inspections itself.

The inspector will look for any universal wastes, hazardous and toxic wastes, and asbestos-containing materials. These can include:
  • Mercury-containing thermostats
  • Mercury vapor fluorescent light tubes
  • Ballasts containing PCBs
  • Refrigeration units containing CFCs
  • Any drums or containers of hazardous or liquid wastes.

You and/or the inspector need to complete a Pre-demolition Building Inspection Form and submit it to SLCoHD before you’re approved to begin demolition.

With your completed application you must also submit:

  • Any applicable lab results or sampling reports
  • Receipts or other verification of appropriate disposal at an approved facility

We can advise building owners and demolition contractors on the bulking and shipping of the wastes identified by the pre-demolition building inspector. Following removal, some wastes may be brought to the health department’s household hazardous waste facility for proper handling.

We grant demolition approval only after the building owner demonstrates the proper removal and disposal or recycling of the wastes identified by the registered pre-demolition building inspector.

Become an Inspector

To become a licensed pre-demolition building inspector in Salt Lake County, you must:

Get certified through the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s asbestos program:

The pre-demolition test is administered during business hours on a walk-in basis at:

Water Quality Bureau
Environmental Health Division
788 East Woodoak Lane (5380 South)
Murray, UT 84117

Upon successful completion of the test, include the following items with your completed application:

  • A photocopy of your current certification card as a State of Utah asbestos inspector.
  • Letter from current employer acknowledging employment and authorization to conduct inspections.
  • Two color photographs (1 ¼ in x 1 ¼ in) of passport quality taken within 90 days of application.
  • $80 nonrefundable application fee.