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GRAMA Requests and Medical Privacy

To request health department records under Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), select the appropriate category below.

Please note that some records, such as inspection reports and your personal immunization record, are already available to you without filing a record request. 

Record searches cost $6.25 for each 15 minutes of research time, with the first 15 minutes free.

Request a Record

For the following records:

  • inspections for any business regulated by the department
  • housing, water quality, or hazardous waste complaint investigations
  • chemically contaminated property records
  • copies of environmental health regulations or procedures
  • enforcement investigations
  • foodborne illness investigations
  • subdivision water and sewer letters
  • environmental records related to phase one site assessments

For the following records:

  • Board of Health meeting minutes before 2020
  • emails
  • maps
  • financial records
  • disease investigation records (general investigation information;
  • personal or medical information is private and considered a controlled record)

Medical records are controlled records and are not available without signed consent from the subject of the record.

For the following records, use the HIPAA Medical Request Form:

  • immunization records
    • Note that your and your children's immunization records are already directly available to you via the Docket smartphone app; submitting a records request is not necessary
  • travel clinic records
  • home visitation records
  • public health nursing records

For the following records, use the CDCA Medical Request Form:

  • WIC records
  • infectious disease records, such as tuberculosis files
  • STD records
  • individual-specific epidemiology records (general investigation records are available under "Administrative Records" above

Medical Privacy

To report a HIPAA violation in a Salt Lake County Health Department clinic:

What is the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA)?

The Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA), Title 63G Chapter 2 of the Utah Code, is the records law for the State of Utah. GRAMA defines what a record is and establishes the criteria for accessing government records. Salt Lake County Health Department complies with GRAMA under Salt Lake County Records Management Ordinance 2.82.

As defined in Utah Code Ann. § 63G-2-103, public record means a record that is not private, controlled, or protected and is prepared, owned, received or retained by the governmental entity.

Records requested must be able to be reproduced from the original record—state law does not require an agency to create a record (such as compiling, organizing, or otherwise manipulating data) to fulfill a request. GRAMA applies only to existing records.

A governmental entity has ten (10) business days after receiving a written request to provide the record, deny the request, or notify the requester that it cannot immediately provide a response due to extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances may require more processing time.

A governmental entity had five (5) business days to respond after receiving a written GRAMA request from media. The media is entitled to any record is deemed to be a public record pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 63G-2-301.