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Health Regulations

Health Regulations

The Salt Lake County Board of Health has adopted the following regulations.

Topic Number Title 
Body Art 19 Body Art Facilities
Childcare 36 Residential Childcare Food Service
Correctional Facilities 34 Correctional Institutions and Community Correctional Centers
Cosmetology 20 Cosmetology Facilities
Drinking Water 11 Individual Water Systems
Fluoride 33 Fluoridation in Public Water Supplies
Food and Restaurants 05 Food Sanitation
Health Regulations 31 Standards and Procedures for Adoption of Health Regulations
Hearing Procedures ** Adjudicative Hearing Procedures
Housing 03 Housing Regulation
Immunizations 38 Certificate of School Employee Immunization Requirements
Lodging 04 Public Lodging Facilities
Mass Gatherings 17 Temporary Mass Gatherings
Massage 18 Massage Facilities
Metal Recycling 8 Automotive Dismantler/Recycler & Scrap Metal Recycling Facilities
Meth Contamination 32 Chemically Contaminated Properties
Noise 21 Community Noise Pollution Control
Sanitation 07 General Sanitation
Septic/Wastewater 13 Wastewater Disposal
Subdivisions 12 Subdivision Regulation
Swimming Pools 02 Design, Construction, and Operation of Pools
Tanning 25 Tanning Facilities
Vehicle Emissions 22 Vehicle Emission Control Program
Waste 01 Solid Waste Management and Permitting
Watershed 14 Watershed Regulation
Woodburning 35 Solid Fuel Burning

Proposed Regulations

There are currently no proposed regulations.