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Report a Problem in a Regulated Business

This form is to report problems in the following types of businesses regulated by Salt Lake County Health Department:

  • body art (tattoo/piercing) facilities
  • cosmetology facilities
  • public lodging (hotels/motels)
  • massage facilities
  • tanning facilities

Note that we do not regulate individual people, such as cosmetologists and massage therapists, only the facilities in which they work. Individual people engaging in a trade that requires professional licensure in Utah are regulated by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.

Salt Lake County also does not regulate healthcare facilities, such as:

  • hospitals
  • medical offices (doctor/dentist/chiropractor)
  • long-term care or rehab facilities

For problems in healthcare facilities, contact the Utah Department of Health and Human  Services.


Regulated Business Problem Form

A person writing on a piece of paper. A person writing on a piece of paper.

Need to Report a Different Type of Problem?

The Salt Lake County Health Department relies on you to notify health officials of any problems you observe in the community. We can't do anything about a problem we don't know about.

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