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Thomas Doret et al. posing for a photo. Thomas Doret et al. posing for a photo.

What We Do

Our prevention services:

  • Save lives.
  • Contain costs; preventing substance use helps keep healthcare, education, and criminal justice costs from increasing. $1 invested in prevention saves $18 in public funds.
  • Reduce fear; nearly 40% of parents believe that alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) are the most worrisome risk for their children.
  • Involve everyone; just as ATOD problems cut across every age, economic, and cultural group, so do prevention efforts. Working with communities so they can make the best decisions for their families is central to prevention.

Prevention strategies include:

  • Education and outreach
  • Coalition building and community engagement
  • Academic assistance and tutoring
  • Parenting and family management classes
  • Multi-cultural prevention services
  • Life skills development and job training
  • Mentoring programs
  • Recreational and other pro-social activities
  • Working with elected officials to change policies, laws, and attitudes about ATOD use

Salt Lake County Health Department

Our mission at the Salt Lake County Health Department is to promote and protect the health of our community and environment. We work tirelessly every day to prevent illness, injury, and disease while addressing social, economic, and environmental factors that impact overall health. Our efforts include immunizing children, inspecting restaurants, preventing tobacco access to minors, encouraging physical activity and proper nutrition, protecting our water and air, providing culturally appropriate services, and collaborating with our community partners to ensure public health works for all residents of Salt Lake County, regardless of where they live.