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Report Smoking or Vaping Violations

The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act prohibits smoking and vaping in public indoor places and places of employment.

We encourage you to report businesses that are not in compliance with the law. If you see a possible violation, you can report it anonymously by filling out the form below.

What Happens When We Receive a Report

We will address the issue within three business days of receiving your report. We make every effort to use education to correct problems; however, we will impose financial penalties on businesses that fail to comply.

Protection against Discrimination

"An employer may not discriminate or take any adverse action against an employee or applicant because that person has sought enforcement of the provisions of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, the smoking policy of the workplace, or otherwise protests the smoking of others" (R392-510-13).

Report Smoking or Vaping Violations in A Business

This form is for Salt Lake County businesses or public buildings only.

Submit a complaint outside Salt Lake County