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Landfill Pricing is determined by the size of the load and the type of material in the load. Small vehicles, pickups, and trailers, as specified below, are charged a flat fee by the load. Other loads are charged by the ton and what type of material is being disposed. Special items listed below are charged based on the item per piece. Not all special items or special handling pricing are listed below.  Please refer to the "Materials  Accepted" tab or contact the Landfill with any questions.

Please scroll down to review the current pricing.

$16 Flat Rate/Each

Cars, SUVs, Pickups with standard cargo beds (up to a 1-Ton Pickup), and Trailers that are Manually (Hand) Unload Only. Trailers being towed by 1-Ton and larger trucks are charged the Per Ton Rate.  Mixed Trash may include Garbage, Concrete, Asphalt, Soil, Sod, and Green Waste – Special Items will be an additional charge.


Per Ton

Trucks (Non-Pickup and 1-Ton Pickup with a trailer) and Mechanized Unload Trailers. Minimum $16/Load Charge (plus applicable fees).

  • $34 Per Ton – Mixed Trash
  • $27 Per Ton – Green Waste/Trees (NO trash soil/sod or other waste). Loads containing trunks or stumps larger than 2-foot diameter will be charged the Mixed Trash rate ($34 Per Ton).
  • $12 Per Ton – Concrete or Asphalt is broken up (NO trash, green waste, or rebar, may contain some dirt/sod). Loads containing pieces larger than 2-foot by 2-foot will be charged the Mixed Trash rate ($34 Per Ton).
  • $12 Per Ton – Soil or Sod (NO trash or green waste). Must be dry. Loads containing wet soil will be charged the Mixed Trash Rate ($34 Per Ton).

Any Green Waste, Concrete or Asphalt, and Soil or Sod loads that contain any material not specified above, will be charged the Mixed Trash rate ($34 Per Ton).

Special Items

  • $15 Each Piece – Mattress or Box Springs
  • $20 Each Piece – Freon Containing Units
  • $4 Each Tire – 12 Tires Max Per load.  Tires are not accepted from Waste Tire Transporters or Commercial Tire Operations.  No Tires larger than Semi-Truck and no Off-Road equipment tires accepted.

Compost Sales

  • $15 Per Yard
  • $1 Per 5 Gallon Bucket (bring your own bucket and shovel)