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Road and Sidewalk Construction

  • Installation of A.D.A. ramps and waterways
  • Installation and maintenance of drainage systems
  • Installation of curb, gutter, waterways and sidewalk
  • Other special construction, County projects as assigned


Road and Sidewalk Construction FAQs

In accordance with County Ordinance 14.32.010 the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the curb, gutter, and sidewalk which abuts their property.

The County may assist with the repair of a failing curb and gutter or sidewalk by hauling the old concrete away provided the owner/contractor has broken up the concrete into pieces less than 3 feet long and placed it in a pile where a front end loader can pick it up. (Only concrete removed from the sidewalk, curb, gutter, and drive approach). The County will also pave the road adjacent to the new concrete curb and gutter provided the sawcut of the asphalt is at least 2 feet from the new lip of the gutter and the old asphalt is removed. Contact Operations at (385) 468-6101 to schedule the concrete and asphalt tie-in.

Yes. A "no cost" permit may be obtained from Salt Lake County Development Services located at 2001 South State Street, Room N3-600.

SLCo Development Services

Phone Number (385) 468-6700

Mailing Address 2001 South State Street, Ste N3-600