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Bingham Creek Regional Park

Project Overview

Bingham Creek Regional Park will be located at 10200 South 4800 West in South Jordan, a site that has been known as Welby Pit. The 160-acre site has been used as a gravel pit, landfill, and equipment storage for the county over the years.  Parks and Recreation staff have been working with state and local officials on several environmental remediation efforts on the site to ensure the park meets the requirements necessary to begin construction. 

Plans for Phase I of park construction include approximately 65 acres of amenities including: multi-purpose fields, a playground, walking paths, pavilions, bike trails, a disc golf course, restrooms, parking, and a maintenance facility.

A future Phase II will complete 90 additional acres. 

Bingham Creek Title Page.png Bingham Creek Title Page.png

Project Funding

Funding for Phase I is made possible by the 2016 ZAP 3 Parks & Recreation Bond and a partnership with the City of South Jordan.

Project Timeline

January 2016 - July 2019

Design and planning process

April 2019

Public open house

April 2019 - Spring 2020

Environmental mitigation

May 2020

Phase I construction begins

Spring 2023

Anticipated Phase I completion