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New Organizations

Your Organization's Account on the Portal

The Portal allows an organization to create an account to complete, submit, and manage applications and annual renewals.

To create an Organization Account, the following information is required:

  • Organization’s name, address, main contact information, and purpose.
  • User’s name, position, and direct contact information.

A qualifying organization must be a non-profit entity that owns and uses property exclusively for charitable, educational, or religious purposes.


Create a New Organization

Once your user account has been approved, you may return to the Portal and log in. 

After logging into the Portal, you will see the main Dashboard.
Click the “CRE” button on the tile labeled as “Auditor”



Next, you will see the following Notice. Click the “Continue” button on the bottom right of the informational screen once you have read the Notice. 

Tax Exemption Applications Under Article Xlll of the Utah Constitution, property that is owned by a nonprofit entity and used exclusively for charitable, religious, or educational purposes is exempt from property tax. The Board of Equalization determines whether property qualifies for exemption upon application of the property owner. Applications should be submitted to the Auditor's office at the address shown in the instructions. If the Board of Equalization determines that the property is exempt, the owner must file a statement annually thereafter to establish that the property continues to be eligible for exemption. Please review the instructions on the next screen if you wish to apply. Continue Read the notice, then click Continue


You’ll see the following notification. Click the “New Organization Account” button at the top right.

S'CO Create an Organization Account You don't have an organization associated with your account. Please add a new organization to file for Tax Exemption


Fill in all the fields, and then click on Save at the bottom of the form. If the “Save” button is not highlighted in yellow, be sure to check for any errors or missing information in the form. Errors or missing information will be highlighted in red.



Your organization’s account will now be reviewed by the Auditor’s office. If there is any other needed information, you will be contacted to provide more details.

Please Note: Any requests for additional information will be conducted by official emails from the Auditor’s office or District Attorney’s office directly to the Organization representative. Copies of such correspondence will be attached to the application by the Auditor’s Office and will become part of the official application record.                       


If your account is approved, you will receive an email notification that you may return to the Portal to continue your Application for an exemption.

See the next section – New Application once your organization has been approved.