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Annual Renewal


Annual Renewal

Once your applications have been approved, you will need to renew the applications annually. Every year, the Auditor will send reminder emails to all organizations which need to undergo this process. 

Your organization's designated contact will receive these email notifications at the beginning of each calendar year. If your organization's designated contact has changed during the previous year, please email or call the Tax Exemption contact listed on each page of this section to update your contact information. 

Create your new user account

All users will need to create a New Portal User Account . Even organizations with an existing exemption need to create their user account to access the Portal. Creating your account on the Portal will allow your Organization to review and manage your tax exemption applications from year to year in a single centralized environment. 

Application for Renewal

To start your renewal, please log in to the Portal. Click into the Auditor CRE dashboard. On this dashboard, you will be able to see your Organization's previous applications. Applications which are ready to renew will show a status of "Ready for Renewal". Click the pencil icon to the right of the status text to begin. 

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Click to expand the Renewal section

Complete the survey. If you need to make any changes, you may upload new documentation.

Click the paperclip icon if you need to attach documentation to your renewal.  

'coUN'ry > Awlieatim I My 3843 Renewal Survey Note : Documents be for Has there been any Change in the use Of this property since January Of last year? If yes, describe: O YES O NO your response Does any person or organization conduct business for profit on or using the property listed above? If yes, desctibe:


Submit Renewal Application 

Check your application thoroughly before submitting it. Click the Certify checkbox, then sign your application. The Submit button will stay grayed out if there is any information missing. Only when all required fields are filled in will you be able to submit the application. JaneCRE > > I My 3847 CERT IVY S ARt CORRECT ANO MV CAPACITY OR POS' printName• Notes 12/4Æ Submit renewal

Your application will now go through the same process of reviewing as a new application. 

If there is additional information needed to complete your application, you will be contacted via email by the Auditor’s office. You may return to the Portal at any time to view any changes in your application’s status.

Please Note: Any requests for additional information will be conducted by official emails from the Auditor’s office or District Attorney’s office directly to the Organization representative. Copies of such correspondence will be attached to the application by the Auditor’s Office and will become part of the official application record.