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Housing Stability Resources

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program has been a major success serving over 42,000 families and distributing $173M to County Residents impacted by COVID-19.

The County will continue to support housing stability through the Salt Lake County Stability Fund and the Housing Trust Fund, and continued support from our Housing and Community Development Team.

Housing Stability Fund

The Salt Lake County Stability Fund is a set of programs designed to provide assistance to residents who are facing housing instability and/or eviction.  The fund has 3 initiatives: 

If you received a 3 day pay or vacate notice or an eviction notice, contact UCA at 801-359-2444 or the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City at 801-487-2161.

Eviction Prevention Funds can be used for:

  • Arrear Rental Assistance
  • Arrear Utility Assistance
  • Current/Future Rental Assistance
  • Current/Future Utility Assistance
  • Eviction Fees
  • Landlord Mediation helps with:
  • Guiding both parties in identifying areas of agreement.
  • Developing possible solutions.
  • Gives the landlord and tenant a chance to resolve the eviction case without going in front of a judge.

Utah Community Action: UCA

Phone Number (801) 359-2444

Housing Authority of Salt Lake City

Phone Number (801) 487-2161