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Chief Deputy Kari Huth

Chief Deputy Kari Huth Chief Deputy Kari Huth Chief Deputy Kari Huth Chief Deputy Kari Huth

Chief Kari Huth began her career with The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office in 2002. Kari was sponsored through the Police Academy where she graduated with certificates for both superior fitness and superior academics. Kari’s first assignment in the Sheriff’s Office was as a Protective Services Officer, where she performed a wide verity of law enforcement and public safety duties. As a Protective Services Officer, Kari also had the opportunity to provide executive protection for Judges as well as county officials.

In 2003, Kari transferred to a general law enforcement position, working as a Deputy in the Sheriff’s Office. In this position, she patrolled neighborhoods and responded to calls for service from the public. Kari’s love for the Protective Services Division would be illustrated by her strong desire to return to her roots within the Office. Kari went back to work as a Protective Services Officer. Kari completed the required work to become certified as a Field training officer and assisted in the training of new Officers. Kari also participated in specialized crisis intervention training and was recognized as a crisis intervention officer; giving her additional skills to help her respond to individuals with mental health considerations. Kari was promoted to Sergeant in 2011 and supervised a shift of Protective Service Officers for the next two years. It was here that Kari began to sharpen her supervisory and administrative skills.

In 2013, Kari was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. As a lieutenant, Kari worked closely with the administration of the Sheriff’s Office to help ensure the success of the Protective Services Division. In Kari’s time as Lieutenant, she assisted in implementing a number of positive changes. Among these changes was moving the Protective Service Division forward into what is now the Public Safety Bureau. This change created a positive rippling effect through the Office and the community. Kari performed her duties to this office while at the same time, acting as the secretary for the Utah Woman in Law Enforcement.

In July of 2018, Kari was promoted to Chief Deputy of the Public Safety Bureau. As Chief, Kari is responsible for overseeing all operations within the Bureau. Chief Huth works closely with other executive administrators to insure the Bureau is meeting both internal and external goals.

Over a sixteen-year career with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Huth has proven herself an effective leader and a dedicated public servant. Chief Huth has served in a multitude of capacities that have helped to propel this Office into what it is today. Chief Huth has shown that she committed to follow the Public Safety Bureau as it continues to serve and protect the residents and visitors of Salt Lake County.