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Public Safety Bureau

The Public Safety Bureau meets the diverse challenges of effective crime prevention. We transition between law enforcement authority, prisoner management, government security, and public service as the assignments and situations demand. We are proud to complete our duties with integrity, discipline and dedication.


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Public Safety Bureau FAQ

The Public Safety Bureau began as a small security detail working at the former Salt Palace Arena over 35 years ago. Today the division is made up of over 125 deputies who provide law enforcement and security services at Salt Lake County Government owned sites and for the Third District Court.

The main Public Safety Bureau office is located in the North building of the Salt Lake County Government Center.

Government Center: 2001 S. State St., N1016Salt Lake City, UT. 84190Phone: (801) 468-2911

Other division offices are also maintained at the Matheson and West Jordan Courthouses.

Matheson Courthouse: 450 S. State St. Salt Lake City, UT. 84111Phone: (801) 238-7196

West Jordan Courthouse8080 S. Redwood Rd. West Jordan, UT. 84088Phone: (801) 233-9700

Deputies staff the Government Center and the Matheson Courthouse 24/7. Other facilities generally operate during regular business hours, but may vary.

Courthouse security is very similar to airport security. No weapons, contraband or items that may be used as a weapon are allowed in the courthouse. No personal items will be held by security. Visitors should allow 5 minutes to clear security under normal conditions and 10 minutes during peak hours. Peak times are 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

Each facility has its own lost and found. If you have lost an item, make contact directly with the deputy at the site for the best service. Items are held for a limited time on-site before being booked into the Sheriff’s Office Property and Evidence.

If the supervisor (Sergeant) is on site, complaints or commendations should be made directly with them. If unavailable, contact the PSB main office at (385) 468-9867.

Applications are handled by the Salt Lake County Human Resource Division. View the Employment Page for employment requirements and availability.

Locations We Serve

The Public Safety Bureau proudly serves various locations throughout the county. Our dedicated law enforcement professionals are committed to upholding the peace and safeguarding the well-being of residents.

A building with glass walls. A building with glass walls.

Abravenel Hall

The Public Safety Bureau has provided law enforcement presence for Abravanel Hall since 1978. A venue for various seasonal occasions, like graduation ceremonies, the Outdoor Retailers Expo, holiday performances by the Utah Symphony, and more, our officers ensure the safety of all attendees.

A large building with many windows. A large building with many windows.

Matheson Courthouse

Opened in 1996, the Scott M. Matheson Courthouse is Utah's largest state courthouse, hosting various courts and the State Law Library. Our officers provide continuous security and bailiff services during sessions, utilizing advanced screening tools for safety.

A building with a sign in front. A building with a sign in front.

Youth Services

Home to administrative offices, Juvenile Receiving Center, and short and long-term housing for youth, our officers protect low-level youth offenders, homeless youth, and those in state care. Officers are on duty during the busiest and most high-risk times of the day.

A building with a large sculpture in front of it. A building with a large sculpture in front of it.

Criminal Justice Services

Supporting innovative alternatives to incarceration, our officers have been stationed at Criminal Justice Services since 2006. Located at the front desk of Pretrial and Probation Services, we monitor traffic, deter crime, respond to emergencies, and assist with questions.

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Capitol Theatre

Securing the State landmark since 1978, Public Safety Bureau officers ensure the safety of Capitol Theatre, home to Ballet West, Broadway Across America, Utah Opera, and Children’s Dance Theatre. Our onsite officer plays a pivotal role in overseeing the welfare of this historic venue.

A man in a white shirt. A man in a white shirt.

Salt Lake County Justice Court

Situated in the south building of the Government Center, this court serves unincorporated areas. Handling class B misdemeanors and below, officers screen visitors and manage a holding area. Our bailiffs work with the Judge and staff to keep a safe courtroom environment.

A large building with many windows. A large building with many windows.

Salt Lake County Public Works

Home to administration, shops, and labs, our Public Works complex requires diligent patrolling and lockup to deter and respond to criminal activity. Open during normal business hours, officers also enforce weekend access control and serve as dispatch for after-hours Public Works emergencies.

A flagpole in front of a building. A flagpole in front of a building.

West Jordan Courthouse

Located at 8080 S. Redwood Road, this is the State's second-largest courthouse and hosts courtrooms and offices. Officers provide Bailiff and Court Security services, employing various screening and law enforcement techniques to maintain a secure environment for all.

North Building North Building

Salt Lake County Government Center

The Government Center hosts elected offices, county departments, and the County Justice Court. Non-government entities like Mountain America Credit Union, daycare, cafeteria, and USU extension also call this building home.

A building with a car parked in front of it. A building with a car parked in front of it.

Clark Planetarium

The Clark Planetarium offers a variety of educational exhibits on astronomy topics, two theaters, snack bar, and retail store. Open daily, our officers ensure safety during weekends and evenings, serving as a helpful reference and visual deterrent to unwanted behavior.

Rose bJagner Center Tyesda'4 November i 2011. Rose bJagner Center Tyesda'4 November i 2011.

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

At Rose Wagner Arts Center, enjoy three theaters, local artwork, and a rotating gallery. Hosting Sundance and So You Think You Can Dance, our officers ensure security for high-profile guests and the safety of participants and onlookers.