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Request a Custom Map

Custom Maps

Numerous maps are available from the Salt Lake County Surveyor's Office.
Our experienced staff can prepare maps and perform GIS analysis on a custom basis. Map options include digital and hard copy maps of custom paper sizes and types, such as glossy photo paper, up to 60" wide.
We also have various vintages of aerial photography. Please contact our GIS department to discuss your mapping needs.

Foothill Canyons and Overlay Zone (FCOZ) Maps

  • Order your FCOZ online by filling out the request below as completely as possible.
  • One form per map requested.
  • Payment of $20.00 per map must be received before map is delivered.
  • Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to complete.
  • We will notify you by phone or email when it is ready.
  • Hard-copy maps can be picked up in our office.

To request a map, please fill out the form below.