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Survey Recordation

Final Local Entity Plat

During the 2009 general session, the Utah State Legislature passed HB0061S0. This modifies and clarifies the process of certifying the local government changes that affect or create local government boundaries.

Additionally, this bill modified the duties of the Lieutenant Governor, County Surveyors, and County Recorders in the process of certifying local government boundary and name changes. Section 20 (FINAL PLATS OF LOCAL ENTITY BOUNDARY ACTIONS) was added to Title 17, Chapter 23, of the Utah Code.

This addition requires the county surveyor to review and approve any boundary action that establishes, modifies, or eliminates the boundary of a local entity, including the incorporation, annexation, withdrawalconsolidation, division, boundary adjustment or dissolution of the local entity. Below is a Final Entity Plat Checklist in pdf format.